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  • sammy_crew sammy_crew Jan 24, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    Don't be Fooled, Lots of growth left on the Apple Tree

    Seldom posts on these boards, but here's my 2 cents worth on apple FWIW:
    As a seasoned investor of 30+ years I still own apple stock and bought more today! Sure, slight miss & barely this quarter, however the past qt was not only shorter (12 weeks instead of 13) that affected this but also production. Aapl had issues in that it couldn't produce enough i-phone 5's and also a few supply vendors couldn't produce enough product that supported the highly demandable small mini I-pad.

    Later this year Aapl sales of iphones will start ramping up in China so I look @ the US pop. of around 313,000,000 people , China pop. approximately 1.2B or nearly 4x that of the US. Consider the staggering # of sales that will come from China in the next few years should be HUGE. One can bet that Apple is working hard to get the bigger carrier China Mobile to sell their products.

    With billions in cash I'd like to see a bigger dividend and/or a buyout of another company for Aapl. Still this stock even @ current earnings is making $40 per share and that, folks, is why I purchased more today.

    Do your own DD and follow your own instincts and not mine!

    Good Investing to all!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • aragre Jan 24, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

      The biggest problem was Tim sounding morbid , uncreative, and arrogant yesterday at the CC.
      He needs to realize that he does not possess the charisma and credibility of Steve jobs... And hence compensate through being less opaque about whats down the line for apple .. To creat excitement in the void Steve has left by not being there.

      His comments about the future of china where good but vague and not confident and clear. Come on be more assertive in the prospects and china mobile !

      His comments about future products ... Same redundant boring statement.." We are laser focused on making the best products"... Come on given the negative sentiment about apples creativity U should throw a few exciting things out there .. Not the same old, broken record, statement ..over and over!

      And his biggest screwup... "iohone 5 is the right size ,, believe me ". What the f? .. Believe u?
      I use one .. Most who use it are eager for apple to change to old aspect ratio and come out with a bigger phone.... .. And his answer is "believe me.. It is the right size"...
      That was an indication of him and apple being out if touch! And arrogant
      They failed to instill confidence in the market !
      That is why the stock is hurting!

      Apple needs to pump up ,PR and start exciting the market... Tims persona is not capable of delivering that !

    • Maybe, no one really knows. What you say about future growth are more hopes than facts. Right now, the earning release from yesterday showed that the recent growth has slowed down considerably and the future growth is pretty much nonexistent.

      Trading based on hopes usually don't work. Don't do it.

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