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  • graymavo graymavo Jan 24, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    lose investors... lose buyers of product

    It amazes me that company executives fail to see the relationship between happy investors and product success as if they are two separate entities!!! They are the same...Serve your investor community well and they will be faithful buyers of product! Duh! Kill them off as they have been doing at Apple and the sentiment will go negative--as is happening!!!!

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    • This was my thought as well. In my house we have two macs, two ipads and two iphones. With the recent apple stock decline, the wife tried returning the unopened Iphone5 that was a Christmas present but Verizon refuesed to take it back (27 days after purchasing it... they only allow 25). Will I buy anything Apple again? Maybe, but not for quite a long time. Not only is that because of the arrogance I observed over the last three months (or maybe it would be better to say the indifference) but also because it has really hurt me financially. There was an article that came out a couple weeks ago that showed that none of Apple leaders bother to actually own their stock. I was shocked when I read that and since believed they would do little to support their own stock if there was any hiccup in earnings, which was confirmed yesterday. Even with the proposal to force them to hold shares currently on the table, it will mean very little to me.... this is a dead stock and a dead company to me. I was not only a large holder of shares but a dedicated and enthusiastic customer. Both are no longer true. Their stuff is nice but the luster and shine are gone. The bloom is off the rose and will not return for me or my family.

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      • you are correct in your assessment = now watch the decline accelerate = Cook's attitude is cold and fake - he has exercised his options and sold his stock all of last year and right into the huge rally - Big Legacy Investors and Funds sold into the rally and DUMPED most or all of their aapl shares on the day after iPhone 5 was launched, they took one look and bailed. They knew he was the wrong guy for apple, now we know.

        You might want to sell those apple devices before they need batteries ($89) or any support at all. Most apple loyalists will pay handsomely for your collection and you ll have enough cash to purchase brand new open source gadgets and computers. Keep the stress out of your life. Owning them will re-ignite your stress each time they need attention...and I m sure those apple geniuses will get more indifferent with each passing day.

    • They have never been shareholder friendly,NEVER . Job's wasn't concerned with who was buying AAPL stock.He was concerned about who was buying the product's.Nothing has changed @ aapl.137 bil in cash more divy/buyback/stocksplit is shareholder friendly.

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      • Jobs didn't have to worry about stockholders. His work and dedication to the very best product took care of the company and stockholders. That cannot be said about Cook. Everyone deep down inside knows that the galaxy's screen size is much better than the honest to yourself. I knew it but hoped everyone else wouldn't see it (WRONG!!!!). Even analysts are now admitting that as a major failure. Cook yesterday during the CC actually tried to defend that as the "perfect size for one handed use". Seriously?!!?!?!?! One handed use only counts when your driving and in my state that is ruled out by law. So, his reasoning is absolutely flawed IMHO which speaks volumes about his insight and judgement in the business he runs. This is just the start of the problems popping up under his leadership that did not occur under Jobs'. No one is perfect and I would hate to be the guy following Jobs but it is what it is. And that, my friend, is the problem. Cook is no Jobs and he isn't doing nearly as good of a job. Res Ipsa loquitur....his actions "speaks for itself"- look at the current results.

      • Cinncy that is why i am out now, over the shareholder concerns and them hogging the cash pile....I will not buy any Apple products ... perhaps the Samsung will be my first smartphone. What the heck, may even do the new Blackberry. Anyway good luck to all...forget about any catalysts, as it will all disappoint, especially China Mobile.

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