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  • sea22hwk sea22hwk Jan 24, 2013 7:39 PM Flag

    Apple is a solid company with very good financials

    Expect a rebound back to the 480-500 levels by the end of the 1st quarter 2013. It is already trading at a ridiculous P/E of 11 with incredible earnings per share.

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    • Not anymore. 7% sale forecast, collapsing margins, collapsing market share. The downside is just getting started. Do your homework for Pete's sake! The market is forward looking and Apple is a disaster just waiting to happen.

    • I agree 100%. I took an initial position at $459 earlier in the day. I am hoping that the company will increase the dividend and increase the previously approved stock buy back program

      Sentiment: Buy

    • P/E's dont matter anymore. MM doesn't see this as growth story so have moved on to stocks that have some more speculative appeal. Mgmt has had many opportunities to show market it can be creative with $137 billion but has failed to perform. iTV was great expectation that some had high hopes for but now just seems to have been fairytale. Supply failure, maps debacle, weak dividend and no real innovation and getting their #$%$ kicked by Samsung is disillusioning a lot of investors. Investors are here to make money. 2% yield OK but nothing management is doing leads us to believe the stock will get to the lofty levels again despite repeated opportunities to make key decisions. Why stick with Apple as an investor if all you get out of it is 2% yield with no real price appreciation prospects. $137 billion on the balance sheet is helping no one, not even management. Only people it may be helping is those who are worried about apple going out of business again. If that is the only fear driving this Company then how can you be optimistic as a share holder. They could spend $120 billion and still have lots of cash left to "right the ship if it came to that. Steve Jobs had moxie and vision which I do not see in Tim Cook. Maybe he is not the right person for the job. Doing nothing with the $137 billion is not a strategy.unless of course the plan is to do a LBO.

    • As a public company Cook should be more transparent. He needs to open his d@mn mouth and not be so secretive.Tell us what the hell is happening.! Steve Jobs was afforded secrecy because he was a founder who brought the company back. Cook is just a "run of the mill" CEO (aka another Steve Ballmer).

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Bad financials, eroding sales, decaying growth, decreasing margins, pompous management, tired old products, lack of innovation...shall I go on???

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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