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  • marketguru111 marketguru111 Jan 26, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    Big News From China Check it out


    Google, New York Post with todays date and " report 3 I phones coming ".This should ignite stock next week.

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    • Tax time Lookzzzz out Appl back to $700

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    • new iphones news is already known. whats the big deal?

    • you will see a larger 4.7 inch a smaller china phone and an iphone 5s.

    • It is just mis information from media leaks that want to scope stories. There will never be 3 iphone launched together, that is not Apple proceedure. Violates the perfect product mantra.

    • I am buying another 750 shares om Margin on Mon or Tues a big eubber band ,Bounce back gonna happen any day now,could retrieve most of recent losses if you time it right or you could just buy 200 shares and put them in your drawer and then look in 1 year,and we will be above $600,this is going to be a great year for stocks its hard to believe that Apple will not participate.

    • calls_them_as_i_see_them calls_them_as_i_see_them Jan 27, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

      The news has nothing to do with China. Its just a China newspaper reporting what we already know/ Geeze you pumpers are amazing.

      (S&P Capital IQ)
      We are lowering our 12-month target price to $600 from $665, reflecting revised relative analysis. We are also cutting our EPS estimates for FY 13 (Sep.) to $44.29 from $45.25, for FY 14 to $50.66 from $53.62, and for FY 15 to $58.08 from $61.67. AAPL posted Dec-Q EPS of $13.81 vs. $13.87, below our forecast of $14.32. iPhone and iPad revenue growth was 28% and 22%, respectively, below our forecasts. But despite results we see as disappointing, we view AAPL as having strong franchises and growth opportunities. AAPL has $137 billion in cash and investments, or some $145 a share

    • This is great news.

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      • S&P Capital IQ has a mistake in their notice. They say that they forecast $14.32 for the quarter just ended. But that forecast, we believe, did not take into account the shorter quarter (by one week) this year. We believe that analysts were estimating the quarter relative to the results of the year ago quarter, the 14 week quarter. When you add the $1.11 you get by adjusting the quarter just ended to 14 weeks, you see that even S&P IQ's earnings estimate was exceeded in the quarter just ended. Of course, you are free to believe that Apple would not have achieved a billion dollars of profit in the last week of that extended quarter. You see, the analysts so quick to find failure arre themselves guilty of failure in their own estimates. Now, if they made their estimates in absolute terms then they wouldn't have made the mistake. But they don't know how to make such estimates.

      • i am a long, how is this great news? everyone is lowering their price target, isn't that a form of a downgrade!,appl is a great company, the loss of Jobs is mostly what this is all about...

    • If it wasn’t such a game of expectations, Wall Street would be honoring Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) today and its stock would be soaring in the wake of another quarter of record sales and earnings. However, falling short of expectations in the investment world is like steppingout of bounds by only an inch, nullifying an incredible catch in football.

      While CEO Tim Cook described Apple’s results as “extraordinary” on the company’s conference call late yesterday, the simple fact remains that by several key measures the company grew less than analysts expected. The disappointment is tangible, triggering a sell-off that’s taken the stock to levels not seen in a year. But it is also tempting, given that shares are now down 35% from their all-time high of $705 hit just four months ago. “I think you got to hold your nose and buy here,” says Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital. “In the past, when Apple has gone on runs, it usually comes when there’s this mass negativity in the air like there is now.”

      Certainly, not everyone agrees with Jackson, as no less than six different analysts have cut their outlooks or estimates or price targets so far today, bringing the median price target down to $647 from $792 in a matter of months. Jackson says the fear about Apple running up against “the law of large numbers” has been out there for about five years, but he concedes that he is ”just not in that camp” and would be looking to add to his position.

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    • There were 2 Bullish articles on Apple in Barrons thid wee.

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