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  • sameas55 sameas55 Jan 26, 2013 12:42 PM Flag


    Weeks before APPL's earnings CNBC as usual was up to no good. Their agenda was to serve the shorts by making negative comments and interviewing APPL's shorts. Even with APPl's great numbers they had been lining up interviews with shorts and totally ignoring the positive points in the earning numbers and Cook's conference call.

    I am personally boycotting CNBC and will switch to watching Bloomberg. These clowns read the scripts given to them and cause billions of damage to investors by being so irresponsible and clueless.

    The flavor of the month promoting FB and RIMM. Why?. Just follow the money and see that it has no nothing to do with the fundamentals.

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    • Is CNBC being bribed by Samsung to lie and spread rumors?!!.

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    • It seems at the outset that Steve Jobs and Cook requested Samsung to alter its initial Galaxy designs. When Samsung refused, Jobs made the decision to litigate, with Cook opposed. But it seems like to now rumble on into 2014.

      Last Friday’s court decision reduces the jury fine by over $450 million but there is also a possibility of the judge adding in other compensation for Apple.

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    • Yes, Jarrod, Apple does have $137.1 billion in liquid assets

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    • Lol...poor stupid rookies....they think bongo will save them again from their own stupidity!! it doesnt work that way here kiddies!!! its called responsibility!! someone you punk dumocrats dont understand!!! fk u losers!!!! burn!!!

    • Bunch of stupid gossip girls with no talents bad mouthing the best company in the universe!!!.

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    • CNBC is all about selling COMMERCIALS! That being said, they get people on there who'll turn heads. THE BIGGEST WAY TO TURN HEADS....BE NEGATIVE! Most people who show their short hands say very conservative statements, nobody makes money investing in convservative investments (at least not good money). How many people remember LIVE AID. At the time was the biggest EVER colaborative effort to raise money and awreness to Africa plyte. IT WILL MOST LIKLEY NEVER HAPPEN EVER AGAIN. It raised over sum $280Million dollars, I bet NO ONE could have guessed this (nuless they look it up). Now ask people who Bernard Madoff was and almost EVERYONE will say he was the guy who LOST BILLIONS! So, sure 280mill is less then 18billion, BUT those 18billion dollars were dollars lost to people for the most part never needed the money under normal living conditions (middle income living is a good normal)...But the BEST EVER HUMANIRTARIAN EFFORT has been long forgotten....why....because it was GOOD NEWS! NO BODY CARES ABOUT GOOD NEWS. Hel the stock market SELLS OFF ON GOOD NEWS, why? Because that's the way it is....DUMDUMDUM...Apple's earnings are strong YES, and LONG TERM it will be a sound investment, but right now, the Neh-sayers are raping this companies valuation. Is it right, prolly not, but it's not CNBC's fault, they're just selling commercials, and the do it quite well. I'll be a buyer of AAPL at $365

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    • Can't wait for cnbc to be a .99 app on iTV that nobody is willing to pay for

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    • cnbc cost me a lot of money. their analysts are mostly garbage. do your own research. watch the options market, volume and news aggregation sites carefully. when new products are launched, watch the user boards for problems, insights, and real world experiences.

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    • Cook's conference call was disgraceful..... He openly admitted that the numbers were light because of supply constraints, yet never explained the nature of the constraints leaving a void. He also, along with his CFO did a poor job of explaining the numbers were with one less week...... But to your point, about analysts, the worse part of the call was the poor questions by Analysts, which did little clarify the guidance. Apple knew what the street wanted to hear, and with a better presentation during the call, Cook could have defended the numbers.
      CNBC did not cause the PPS to drop over 50 points while Cook and the CFO did a sloppy job explaining the new guidance approach during the call. CNBC is biased, no question about it, but AAPL could do more to defend the company. Bloomberg is not much better, and both networks get the same info / rumors from , in many cases unsubstantiated media reports . No filters... Or fact checking before reporting.... But again, Apple could do more to defend the company......... With Clarity, a bit more transparency, and showing that they care Apple could neutralize much of the sensational reporting.

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      • I do agree with you that Cook is not responding well to the stock manipulation issues by analysts and the media. There are three scenarios to this:
        1- He doesnt mind further stock drop so the stock options would be more interesting for AAPL's employees
        2- He wants to wait and see if all the future plans are in order before he opens his mouth
        3- He is sick and tired of being under pressure to meet analysis's very high exceptions going forward and realizes that super amazing earnings should not be expected from AAPL as before

        I think it could be all of the above.

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    • At a Long Island restaurant cnbc Carl had a apple cap on, I thought this guy actually likes supports the stock personally, but on TV he is doing what he's expected to do bash and bash apple down to a pulp. Cnbc and Jim crapper are looking for ratings

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      • While most of them use AAPL product but like any other media w-hores they are following the orders.
        Orders are given to them from their bosses based on who pays more either in the form of advertising or other kinds of incentives!!.
        Robert's Comcast president is a republican and a big Romney supporter and Although may not be the only reason for AAPL bashing one can argue that there is good reason politically for bashing AAPL which has making huge donation to Obama.

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