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  • soooooooooosincere soooooooooosincere Jan 26, 2013 5:35 PM Flag

    earnings was a reasonable increase over their last year's blow out quarter.


    If you have a blow out quarter, like q1 of 2012
    then you come along and you top that...
    That, to me is actually another blow-out quarter.
    But this stupid market inefficiency does not treat it that way.
    they have the nerve to say the company is "broken"
    and that their own short selling actions somehow prove this to be so.
    well, thanks stupid market efficiency
    I will TAKE that discount thank you very much.
    and so will the apple share buyback program!

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    • No offense intended, Have you realized APPLE's stock price? $700 plus last year, well the market is not going to pay that with signs of a slowdown. That's what is going on. Everybody has to get with the program.

    • scropos21 Jan 26, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

      This year's Christmas quarter was amazing, all things considered. Apple sold about 4 million iPhones per week. Add an extra week, like they had last year, and you end up with 52 million iPhones sold. Add in the missed 1-1.5 billion from the lack of the iMac supply and add in another billion or so from the iPad mini supply constraints. Had everything aligned, (extra week like last year and supply met) you'd be looking at about a $15-$16 quarter. Using this knowledge, you know that, in the future, if Apple is able to iron out the supply chain, and add a few carriers, you can anticipate a $15+ quarter next Christmas. Add in a China Mobile deal and a possible iTV, and that number probably closes in on $20.

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      • you have to discount Apple and its execution to zero to get to no growth from here--this is absolutely , utterly crazy to be told that Apple cannot execute---a company in 6 yrs has produced a product that's selling 54billion in one qtr---there's few analyst able to deal with numbers this big---this is the size of 100's of countries GDP---you are right on, the new carriers, new phones, better supply chain execution---we will grow earnings 20% over year, at these numbers, your dealing with BILLIONS of new profits-------the bottom line its 6PE today including cash, the S&P is 14PE---zero premium for results and future sales--pretty close to Zero---FUD rule

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    • How about next quarter sherlock? People can not be this obtuse.

    • It might be reasonable to you but not to most of the traders. Remember, you don't get to decide the price of a stock, the market does.

    • True. WS forgets Apple grew 116% that Qtr YoY. Ridiculous !

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