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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Jan 27, 2013 2:07 PM Flag


    After the brilliant opening weekend (contrary to the wholesale bashing over opening weekend) Cook called all the idiots out. Six weeks later coy manipulator K#$%$ called aapl a "generational buy" at $525 and Grundlach suggested the stock could easily bounce back hard for a while. As favorable results poured in, a week later the stock was almost 20% higher, hitting $595 before fading as the entire cadre of cnbc and U.S. press twits piled onto the aapl bashing parade. K#$%$ showed his fat red face onFM telling Wopner that AAPL is somehow now a great short, re-energizing the cnbc parade to bash aapl again. Three days later the stock was down to $520 again and it continues to thrash about on mostly bs commentary from professionals set up to benefit from it -- using cnbc as the likely very unwitting numb effer tools in the bucket. K#$%$, for those who think he is a genius more than underhanded #$%$ taking advantage of cnbc's willingness to be the judas goat, said he had covered in at $530 on the same call he revealed what an #$%$ he was buy saying generational buy while his clear plan within days was to short the snot out of the stock.

    But see my post about the real revenue and earnings story for last Q, and realize that guidance gaffs aside, aapl is performing beautifully and likely will continue to dazzle. Looking forward to more confirmation about the 2 perhaps 3 new phones coming this year... bring it Steve -- along with some kind of news about using m#$%$ive excess capital to buy shares aggressively down here.

    Read up on the LTE expansion last week as well... the number of worldwide carriers with new LTE networks now selling i5 increased from 24 to 60 last week. No bs -- just what is happening. D'ya think they are still selling a pantload of iphones? LOL

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    • How high do you think AAPL could go this year?

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      • This has been a ridiculous torturing of the stock, but to some extent the exec gaffs on guidance, refusal to aggressively return massive excess capital (they nor goog nor anyone else is going to get into the LTE business without destroying their business, so quit F around on that topic goog and aapl), lack of transparency and too coy by a mile playing needs to be improved/fixed... Employees must be at all time lows since 2003 on the stock malaise and S press everywhere, so as I wrote last week, Tim and the BOD need to smell the F coffee and get going on some shareholder distributions NOW before more damage is done to the jelly of the month clud and customer/shareholder sentiment toward AAPL.

        Many folks who have been hurt are loyal aapl customers and would be out buying new iPads coming and the i5S and i6 and for their wife later this year, giving the i5 they just bought to their kids if they feel they can afford it, and given aapl has plenty to say and do to remedy the bs takedown, they REALLY ought to do more than say "the stock will take care of itself." THAT attitude is what has created the opprtunity for people to bash and dis and short at will until the last trade on Friday. Expect more news on the new phones, more carriers, CM, dividends, aggressive buyback etc over the coming weeks.

        Now to your question. Despite the carnage of the above, we still expect aapl to mash last year's numbers this year. We also expect the stock to rip back above $550 rapidly, and to claw its way back toward $700 ($800 if CM is done by say October) by the end of the year. If we were publishing public estimates, we'd be out at $600 by EOY as written earlier -- giving us cushion to raise it in April or on other brightening news as the stock begins a roaring reversal higher any moment now.

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