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  • red_ryder35 red_ryder35 Jan 28, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Tom Kean of Bloomberg and Larry Haverty of Gamco - AAPL dirt cheap best pick in the universe

    Today mentioned that Apple is the number 1 stock in the universe and UNBELIEVABL:Y cheap

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    • It's up to Apple to get the market to listen to this reasoning. How?

      1. Remove the product and pricing umbrellas in the market for their competitors by offering a less expensive, but profitable, iPhone and by offering a larger iPhone to address the trend in that direction.

      2. Increase global distribution...Sign China Mobile.

      3. Do at least one of these three...increase buyback, increase dividend, split the stock.

      4. Prove you can still innovate by moving into a different product category completely with a compelling and cool product. The obvious product here is an iTV. But, surprise the market with something else in addition to the iTV.

      The ball is in Apple's court. This list of accomplishments in 2013 will make Kean and Haverty look like geniuses.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wow!! So there you have it. Two analysts are bullish and they're all wise. But anybody who dissents is ..... welll ..... a short #$%$ ooooor a #$%$ short. Hey you better jump right in here. You do have some money left.Right?? Aw,just funnin yas all. You longs haven't had many good days,so go rnjoy today.

    • Duh, obviously!!.

      Tell Cramer and fuglly Mellisa Lee that their bashing of APPL only proves how stupid they are.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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