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  • tendulrocks Jan 28, 2013 11:26 PM Flag


    I dont think that phone is for sale in the us.
    tim cook did not go to china a second time to do cold calling.
    a deal was initiated or done
    when they announce china mobile and a new phone this year... Did you hear this year apple will rocket $ 50 points
    if they can do a nice upgrade for the iphone 6. then add 50 more points
    if they can grow earnings one quarter, add 50 points
    if they come out with a new product add 60 points
    if they make improvements in maps and other programs competing with google add 20 points for each significant one
    if they increase the dividend add 30 points
    if they do more substantial buybacks add 30 points
    if they increase market share add 30 points
    if the economy improves around the world especially in europe add 30 points

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    • Nice dreams. We all like it.
      BUT, the fact is, the problem is different: ALL Apple investors are underwater, All 150M of them, and would want to get out. And this is impossible.
      Because there is NO another 150M investor, with cash $400B in hand, waiting to buy those shares from current investors.

      The sad fact remains: AAPL price must drop until 37% Fino of the $700 top price, before buyer/seller equilibrium can stabilize the price.
      Remeber those math series sum equations?

      Or, keep to dream on.

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      • tendulrocks Jan 28, 2013 11:51 PM Flag

        Thats strange. i thought every share of stock that was sold was also bought. so many new buyers were found for the stock that was sold. they just wanted a lower price. those people could add to their positions as they make money on a rising stock price. also there will always be buyers as longs as there is something worth buying.

        one important point and i expect two thumbs up is that just like you and me, you have a hard time walking away from apple. the same reason pcln sold off over 100 points and came back and hit new highs. the way cmg always sells off but comes right back. of course they have something good going on but assuming apple does too the buyers will be there for a long time to come. two thumbs up remember!!!

    • tendulrocks Jan 28, 2013 11:34 PM Flag

      GOOD STUFF KEEP IT UP*********

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