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  • hoodoo_you_voodoo hoodoo_you_voodoo Jan 30, 2013 12:46 AM Flag

    Some Innovate Ideas. Just thinking...

    1. Earbud Shuffle Player. Build the player and the earpiece out of one unit.
    2. 3D Ipad without the glasses. Makes for a totally immersive 3d experience because the device is so close to your nose.
    3. Iphone with Siri changable voices, bluetooth nanoprobes that record digestive images, heart & BP moniters, fingerprint id that prevents the phone from being stolen successfully, algorithms built in to the trading APP to beat the Wall Street HF platform. Larger Screen options.
    4. Itunes software built in that would allow you to rip movies like DVD's. It's a grey area and they should go back to acting like the renegades they were from the beginning. (Note Jobs Biography). Offer low prices on current TV episodes to be downloaded. Use some of the cash to bring the media industry to it's knees. It would deal a pretty hard blow to cable companies.
    5. Use the cash hord to buy up digital rights that Nexflix and others keep trying to maintaining contracts on. They could own digital content industry in the coming years.
    6. Turn ITunes University into a fully accredited college degree.
    7. Develop 3D printing stations at the Apple Store. Apps could allow you to dream, design, and then pick up your thingie at the Genius Bar for a nominal cost.

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