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  • channelcat57 channelcat57 Jan 30, 2013 9:00 PM Flag

    for apple to become god again, another no brainer

    they apply their R&D expertise into developing a low cost, phone/computer for emerging markets, exchanging bells and whistles for durability and battery life hardware wise, and get people who can negotiate with the likes of Mogadishu warlords on the network end. I'm no expert, but spreading some dough I believe usually works with populist regimes, which it appears are getting popular. If the DOA gets nosy, well it'll give the guys and gals in Cupertino something to talk about during air hockey.
    Hardware side? take, what, a month and a half? Simplify..give me the cell phone equivalent of a Kalishnikov.
    I dumped all my dry powder in at 460, current PPS is below the 3month SPY, really?
    Rim? they just shot their wad playing catch up to a saturated market, dieing to please.
    Since when has aapl tried to please anybody? time to take off the white wizard dress and get dirty.
    I dont know WHAT to think about the AMZN vs. AAPL chart lately...mirror images..why?

94.02-2.58(-2.67%)Feb 5 4:00 PMEST