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  • tbc1962 Feb 1, 2013 6:30 PM Flag

    New thought on the AAPL sell off (for myself)

    For many, AAPL was perceived as a safe haven investment, right up there with Gold, Treasuries, or Cash. Now, my point is not to argue the safety of those investments, bc a case could be made that they are not as safe as they are often perceived to be, it is rather that as they were perceived as safe to many, so was AAPL. As the recent market rally attests, a state of risk taking, dare I say near euphoria, has spread to the broader market. In other words, the days of parking cash in AAPL are behind us as institutional money and retail investors are now investing in stocks less cautiously again. So, combine the perceived slowing growth at AAPL, tax sell off, increased competition, new product lull and a new bull market and AAPL is where it is today. That said, AAPL may not see large inflows until these trends reverse, all of which will happen, including seeing AAPL as a safe haven bc of their cash horde, as the market corrects and sells off in April or May of this year.

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