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  • sameas55 sameas55 Feb 1, 2013 6:57 PM Flag

    CNBC and AAPL unfair bashing on the daily basis!!

    Let's just review what CNBC did to hurt AAPL shares unfairly:
    If they were reporting the earning fairly they should have state all the critical points :

    AAPL had the most profitable quarter and they came short by couple of pennies because of a shorter quarter and components constraints due to high demand.

    They could have said AAPL has the lowest PE to compare to any " growth" or "value" stock and with the cash of 137 billion AAPL still a company that could innovate and buy the best talent out there.

    They could have said although the growth was down to 20 percent we have to give aapl some slack because the previous quarters earnings were abnormally high but with 20% growth AAPL is still considers a growth company specially in a market with so many competition .

    They could have said that AAPL is still the number one choice in the US and Cook is working on cheaper mobile phones for china market to compete with Samsung in that arena too.

    They could have said that New ipad could be a big hit competing with MSFT surface tablets in enterprise arena.

    They could have said RIMM is not a formidable competition yet for AAPL until we see what happens in March.

    They could have said we really can't compare AAPL to Samsung, rimm, nokia and other alike because AAPL is about it's hardware, software and ecosystem with billions of hooked followers.

    They could have mentioned so many true and honest points about AAPL BUT THEY DIDNT!!!

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    • Please blame only AAPL for this mess. They reported this NEGATIVE earning themselves. Maybe, just maybe because that is what will fbenefit their greedy and selfish interest. kind of delibrate manipulation to lower the stock price .
      Why did Al Gore sell before earning? Why is Tim Cook not buying after earning? Why is nobody from AAPL coming public to defend their stock?
      Stuck market is one big Casino.

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      • 1 Reply to petersokolie
      • There is nothing to blame AAPL for?.
        Just because price per share is over 400 dollars it doesn't mean it's overvalued.
        I guarantee you if AAPL decides to have a 1/10 stock split and the price per share is around 45 dollars. All the so many people are able to invest and AAPL will jumps 100 points in a day.

        AAPL is paying a big price by having unbelievable earnings before but 20% growth is nothing to nag about either!!!

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    • We are not asking to hype the stock but just be fair.
      Specially when these #$%$ are hyping companies with all the negative headlines.

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