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  • krisstubberfield krisstubberfield Feb 2, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    CNBC says the gap between the 1% and the 99% hit the highest level in historty yesterday. Does this bother you?

    If this isn't a reason to start a new movement I don't know would be. Oh I forgot the 99% is pre occupied with the super bowl, and Justin Bieber. The dumbing down of America is at its highest level in history. The national media will never report to the masses that the wealth gap is at ridiculous levels. The rich get richer and the poor get to bail out the rich when their bets go bad. Expect the WallStreet banks to short America again soon. Only this time lets not make the same mistake and bail them out. We had a chance to re-build this country with a new m=abnking system and instead we re-impowered the old banks and made them bigger than ever.

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    • It's time cut the defense budget

    • I'm not concerned about those that haven't taken advantage of being a citizen of the United States. Equal opportunity, free public education, and to quote Obama: "life liberty and the pursuit of happiness" ( he should have added at the expense of the rich.) It certainty was implied in his inaugural address.
      Delayed gratification, good health, and hard work separates those that have drive ambition and goals from those that take more then they have sacrificed. Seems we are in a period of generational dysfunctional families. The greedy seem unwilling to even consider raising the age limit for social security knowing that those within 10 years would be exempt from the increased age qualification. Union members continue to resist "right to work" states and demand more while being exempt from Obama care. People on food stamps now have a credit card to purchase supplies. The shame in accepting help while not helpful oneself is denied these slackers. I believe in helping those truly in need but I haven't heard one of the 99%ers claim we need 'regulation" when it comes to prolonged unemployment benefits and increased numbers of people on food stamps (plastic). Finally immigration reform. The 99%ers are too proud to take the jobs that the illegals will take. They are also too stupid to accept the fact that with reform comes cost. I celebrate the new citizens of the USA that have gone through our system. I can't celebrate anyone who's first act within our borders is violating the law.

    • Idiot newsmakers. 99 still equals 99 and 1 still is 1, so the gap would be 98. One or both of the other two variables must adjust in order for the gap to change.

    • Everyone please post this on you facebook page.

    • panem et circenses - nothing new here

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • spot on post!!

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