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  • ca440 ca440 Feb 3, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    Apple and Innovation

    while hedge funds and the press like to say innovation is 0, they purposely dont mention the address of Apple HQ and the number of cars I see parked in their massive car park after 7pm every day and some w'ends. I live right near HQ and if you really are buying that the home of the initial revolution of the internet invention which created initially HP, then new age Yahoo, then Google, then Facebook has no innovation, you are sadly very very very influenced by the media.

    The fact is after 7pm those cars in the Apple car park are from mainly engineers and product managers. The directors and VPs like to show their faces, but they are the 1st to leave early. thats how it is in the valley. The fact that the engineers are staying around past 7pm means there is creativity and new product, massive amounts on the way.

    I saw that with ebay when it fell from grace, their car park emptied out (there HQ is in san jose, willow glen), their stock and products tanked. However, when the new guy took over, the car park was again full and look at their mobile stuff today.

    what im saying is that you dont easily KEEP and KEEP engineers paid at over 140-200K who have families in at work past 7pm without leadership, new cool products and yes a fully stocked fridge and food.

    what a scam the press and the hedgies feeding the press are running. You must all remember this is the Silicon Valley and this is the home of the internet revolution and the companies you so enjoy.

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    • Apple engineers are reported to be in a cloud of secrecy. Jobs had an influence and there is stuff that engineers are working on that we dont know about. As I've mentioned, visit Cupertino HQ and look at the car part at 6.30/7pm. Remember, these engineers have 150K - 200K+ (architect) salaries like I do. I wont work for anyone past 6.30/7pm unless its very very cool stuff and my bank acccount is maximized thru stock options. Thats whats happening at APPL, heaps of people working really hard on something. Only other company car park like it is eBay.

      if u think innovation is dead then you have a very very bad judgement. THe press and wallstreet like to extract money from you and I suggest you stop investing as you have no idea on what is really going on. Innovation is alive and well. When silicon valley stops producing your technology is when Apple will not innovate.

      its so simple, i just want appl to go down more, i can add to my $150k invested. please please bring it down CNBC, media and shorts... please I beg you!

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    • 2010 was the year aapl came on the market with something innovative.

    • That's a good sign for sure. The problem is not lack of innovation, no matter how people moan about it--the problem is simply lack of growth. If Apple can create a new product category that people will buy like they bought the iPhone and at the same time can maintain the base of iPhone users they have now they can continue to grow the business. That's not easy.

    • Work hours are 11 to 8 or 10 to 7 then it's a game of B ball or workout at the gym then to the bars.

    • thanks - good info! When do you think AAPL is going to really start moving past 550?

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