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  • funniebucket funniebucket Feb 4, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

    Today for AAPL is a neutral day... not sure why everyone has their panties in a wad...

    and considering how weak the market is... AAPL is preforming quite well... well maybe not quite well but the SPY never rallied one bit... whereas AAPL did have a nice strong open up... so now AAPL and SPY are on same level on the day %-change-wise...

    we need to see how the day goes before we can make any new decisions on AAPL... but we can tell you this... we spoke to some genius tech wizards this weekend and AAPL has become a commodity stock that is producing nothing more than basic equipment and has become just another typical player in the competitive markets... AAPL missed the boat on several key points for their products that should have been on the devices and that is going to be the cause of their struggle... we will get into the key points of what they missed on another post after market closes...

    hold on we need to go check our iPhone and see if the phone rang cuz there is no flashing light to tell us to pick up the phone that a message/call/email came in while we were away from the phone... but AAPL will make another 25 items run to kill the battery...

    is that a home button taking up 15% of the phones potentially bigger display screen that we are paying big money for retinal display?... surely the plastic samsung is trash cuz our iPhone5 won the scratch-war cuz we thought more scratches wins the game?

    if we are mocking AAPL it is for a reason... it is to send a message to upper management to tell them to get on the ball and create something... but maybe they can't create anything new... maybe the staff at the company is too old... no young innovative minds... GOOG is coming up with new things everyday... this is the AAPL/GOOG reversal... remember the days GOOG was getting killed and AAPL was soaring?... how's it feel to have the shoe on the other hand

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