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  • aadaytrader aadaytrader Feb 5, 2013 12:34 AM Flag

    This selloff

    Is not being caused by Tim Cook. But being that Apple has lost almost 50% of its market cap in like 90 days, seems like as a CEO of the once most valuable company, he should seriously speak up and do something. This is BS. This is not fair to the shareholders that invest in this company. We are the ones that continue pumping our hard earned cash into this company and all we get in return is a measly 2% dividend yield. At bare minimum, they should payout 4-5% with all the cash they have. And they should buyback at minimum $5billion of stock per quarter. That would be $20 billion per year in buybacks. Thats nothing for a monster like Apple. But instead they just keep banking it away. Now i could honestly say that Cook is not the right person to run Apple.

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    • Apple stock price problems caused by lack of innovation more than dividend yield. Also, Apple management is arrogant. They really still believe that they have a superior product and can still charge wireless companies whatever they want and they will pay the subsidies. They show an arrogance toward shareholders. They won't raise the dividend nor will they comment on the stock price. That is the way they do business. IF you don't like it then hit the sell button and buy something else. No reason to whine about it.

    • Put in a bid for 380.10 will we get filled?

    • Right, and Obama should give us all free phones. Why do you feel entitled to anything? YOU made a bad choice. Now take your losses and stick your "hard earned cash" in an index fund if you can't deal with drama.

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