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  • osulinn osulinn Feb 5, 2013 2:51 AM Flag

    AAPL CAN NOT innovate..


    It has the same problem that MSFT has been facing. (In fact, many big companies had similar problems)

    Once your customer base get to certain size, any change is a big problem for iStupid..

    Irony, iStuff is designed for stupid people. Wxll, Stupid people hate changes..

    There you have it.. It CAN NOT innovate, literally.

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    • Since Aapl is now non-inovavative, maybe John Sculley could run it. Probably better than Cook.

    • Leave it to Dell.
      AKA, how to pay $13 to -70% shareholders.

    • you need to wait to see looooseeer

    • "Innovate" is a pejorative term, when it is used to describe AAPL or any other company. Everything they have done in the past 11 years has been a variant on the handset media player, a product in which they weren't the 1st to put out (youtube "Jimmy Kimmel" + "iPod"). AAPL's success has been in spotting and incorporating useful incremental technologies and improving interfaces in these handsets, before the competition does.
      Now it seems as though the competition has caught up and are now surpassing AAPL in this regard. It does seem as though there aren't any really big innovations available for the industry as a whole, margins on these handsets are compressing. Also, the competitive landscape gets more crowded. Pretty soon, it will be as difficult a business sector as the PC business.

      The comparison to MSFT is appropriate.

    • Henry Ford did not invent the Mustang!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • AAPL reportedly found a new planet full of Aliens and they are shipping iphone and ipads to them. Come on dude grow up. All the big innovations so far, including the computer that is called PC is their innovation. Only a fool like you would doubt about AAPL's capability. But losers and poor people like you can not afford any of its shares or products.

    • Bull! Do you idiots expect Apple to come up with some new gadget that nobody ever thought of before that will sell billions every quarter? If you are saying that, it's only 'cause the negative media has been saying so for the last 4 months since the iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and new line of iPods came out, and you are nothing more than a mindless parrot repeating what they said.. How often are they supposed to "innovate"? Beyond stupid. When Apple TV comes out this year, and who knows what else, you will all shut up.

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      • Like they did with the iPhone...iPod...ipad......and like they will do with the iTV. You are the one with blinders on. They have startred evry new phase of tech. The others have just copied. Samdung should stick to washers,dryers and CD players. I would rather have my comunication and business devices being made by the same company who started it all then by the manufacturer of my household appliances.

    • There is only one thing correct in your post. When you say I stupid you hit the nail on the head. You are stupid and just proved it.

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