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  • biggestfootxxx biggestfootxxx Feb 8, 2013 8:04 AM Flag

    Wow, investors are stupid

    Anyone could have got in at $440+, alot cheaper. So on no real news, people are scrambling to buy at almost $470...why because Apple might---MIGHT give out some more dividend (it doesn't change any value - money will just go in your pocket from their's after being taxed of course). So for maybe a div of $5...people are pushing up the price by $30?....god I pity these people.

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    • Pretty stupid comment cause first of all no one knows new bottom to ANY stock let alone Apple so $440 would have been a great entry point. Shoot, if I would have know it I would have bought in again. Fact is, its better to get it off into its bounce say between 20-$30 to know its on an uptrend and with Apple that is nothing.So if you buy at these levels and it sees 550-600 you are golden anyway-especially longs. Unless Apple takes a huge drop again it will never see $400 again-in my opinion.

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    • They are dumb. Trying to get a couple dollars per share more in a dividend and risking paying $50 more per share. it's widespread lunacy.

    • well yes and no, they were scared and waiting for confirmation of a bottom

    • Missed the entire barn...

      AAPL set up the drop with two "stupid" moves. first, their errant handling of guidance over the last three quarters which has spooked the entire street. Second, their irresponsible lack of serious capital management and failure to defend the stock which let Grundlach and kass -- aided by CNBC's ignorance and microphones note Bloomberg didn't get used like that? -- abuse retail holders and the shares.

      Your comments are equally "stupid"... this is not being chased irrationally, it has only just begun to reverse the incredibly stupid and oversold condition as the stock NEVER should have dropped below $600 and would not have if AAPL's actions had some street savvy last quarter.

      Prepare to get thumped if you are unhedged short. The downside run is over and AAPL's quick accession tells everyone to getouttheway.

      See my THANKS GREENLIGHT post for more info...

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