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  • danossa danossa Feb 10, 2013 5:18 PM Flag

    Steve Wozniak: Apple lags behind in the smartphone business


    Even the founders don't try puts aapl anymore

    "Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has a warning for Apple: Watch out for the competition.

    In an interview with the German business publication Wirtschaftswoche published yesterday, Wozniak spoke on a variety of Apple-related topics, but when the conversation turned to smartphones, was openly critical.

    Wozniak said that he is proud that Apple has such loyal fans, but noted that loyalty also has to be maintained and confirmed by launching great products. He continued: "In my opinion Apple is currently lagging behind in terms of features. Others have caught up with us. Samsung is a great competitor simply because they are making great products at the moment.""

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    • Steve Wozniak tells the truth, Apple's smartphones and content is inferior. Under CEO Cook Apple lacked innovation, launched faulty products and delivered just upgrades. You can fool the customer once but rarely twice, customer is not stupid, customer knows now that he can get a better Android smartphone at half the price Apple charges. This year will get really ugly for Apple. AAPL shares will drop to $250!

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    • AAPL management finally agree to add 5 inch screen to iPhone after seeing stock holders yelling 5 inch screen since Q3 last year. But I am afraid it is too late. Samsung and all Chinese smart phone manufactures have already 5 inch smart phone since Q4 last year. AAPL is playing catch-up. Since Steve Jobs died, no one in AAPL has the vision to innovate or even just keep pace to its competitors.

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    • lol, what does he know?. He sold all his AAPL shares 15 years ago!!!.

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    • It sure does...especially with that Great New OS 6.1 ... phones melting and headed to the Recycle Bin already.

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