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  • ajmanieri ajmanieri Feb 13, 2013 7:05 AM Flag

    A wristwatch . . .

    not good news IMO. I have this vision of Apple fan boys wearing a wristwatch, carrying and I pad and having a MacBook pro in their bag too . . . too many gadgets. Cook says they are not a "hardware" company, but that is exactly what they have monetized. Next step is - what to do with the ecosystem - that is the key and will be a huge challenge considering its closed nature. If they want to compete with Amazon, Google, etc. they must make a key acquisition or acquisitions. Only way they will be rewarded now - even with margins worsening - is if they are putting the cash to work with a clear vision of growth.

    as far as I am concerned Einhorn was probably shorting the uptick he created . . . these hedge fund guys are being all too public with nothing but bluster - just talking their book and pulling stunts to move the underlying - Ackman with HLF and now Einhorn with AAPL. It was not Cooks fault - the problem with Apple is they still think they can do things the same way Jobs did them with their silence and ubber secrete announcements - those days are over IMO and create more risk for shareholders in the short term.

    I would not touch this stock until after the next earnings . . . no direction and the last 20 points was all Einhorn.

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    • nice try moron... lol Are you a CEO of a company? Ok then...

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      • I guess you are content to be the next RIMM . . . did they not have a closed eco system? Did they not just focus on hardware? Apple is at a cross roads - need to be the software company and platform they can grow into now . . . must pull $$$ from something more than the iPhone - I was saying this years ago - 50% +/- of high margin product for this company is too concentrated. But I am sure you know better, nice to see Apple board has not changed - personally offended easily and personal attacks everywhere . . looks like someone overpaid for weekly calls !

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