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  • defeatsocialism defeatsocialism Feb 17, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    $16 trillion in debt, $1 trillion annual deficits, military being dismantled - Apple least concern

    How many of you are even aware that America is collapsing and no one seems to care? Rarely ever see any coverage by ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN. Over $1 trillion annual deficits under Obama, which represents about $4,000 for every man, woman, and child. $16 trillion in debt which represents over $50,000 for every man, woman, and child living in America. Another $70+ trillion in unfunded future liabilities associated with social security, medicare, and medicaid. The tax increase on the "rich" that just passed only added about $70 billion in additional annual revenue - a drop in the bucket.

    Interest rates are at historic lows, and for every 1% increase in interest rates the annual cost to finance our debt equates to another $160 BILLION. Interest rates are going to go up. Deficits are going up because Democrats in the Senate have not submitted a budget in over 4 years, and every budget Obama submits doesn't get any Democratic or Republican votes. Even the Democrats know Obama's budgets are a joke which is why they won't even vote for them. Did you know that? Probably not because ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN cover it up.

    For those of you who think a higher Apple stock price is the answer to your financial future, hyper inflation will destroy your portfolio. When a country's currency collapses, every one's wealth gets wiped out except for those that invested in commodities and land. There's a reason why gold has increased from $300 an ounce to over $1,600. There's a reason why silver prices increased from around $5 an ounce to over $30 an ounce. There's a reason why irrigated farm land has increased from around $2,500 an acre to over $10,000 an acre. There's a reason why countries are beginning to abandon the U.S. dollar and are trading in barrels of oil, and why some countries won't even accept U.S. dollars from tourists. Are you blind to these facts?

    As our debt continues to explode to fund the welfare and entitlement programs that Democrats keep passing to buy more votes and secure their power, our country gets weaker and weaker and weaker. The last thing to go before a super power falls and gets taken over by another country is it's military. Look what's happening to us now. The military, which is specifically referenced in the constitution, is being defunded by Obama and the Democrats to fund free healthcare, food stamps, housing, contraceptives, cell phones, social security disability, college tuition, etc etc etc. These programs are NOT mentioned in the constitution, yet Democrats put higher priority on them versus the military.

    Apple stock price is irrelevant. Invest in commodities and income producing land.

    Wake up! Start watching CSPAN so that you get the real news unfiltered by the press that is afraid to hold Obama accountable because he is the first black president and has same socialist views that they were taught at Columbia and other left wing anti American universities.

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    • mzm821 Feb 20, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

      you are so right -what can we do about it. It's the generation that thinks they know how it should be. right now I am worried about aapl.

    • Do you care to comment on the US assets? You clearly must also know the assets as you clearly know the liabilities.

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      • Sure. We don't have enough assets to pay off the debt either. Do you think the U.S. gov't is going to sell our our federal forests and parks to pay off some of the debt one day? Do you think the gov't is going to sell some of our federal highways to pay off some of the debt? Do you think the Democrats and Obama are going to approve a lot more federal oil permits to pay off some of the debt? Do you think we're going to sell federal buildings to pay off some of the debt? I know Obama and Democrats would love to sell our army, navy, and air force to the communists, but even that wouldn't come close to paying of the debt. The U.S. gov't is broke. They are printing new money to finance the debt to the tune of around $90 billion a month because no one will fund our debt at the current interest rates. We just keep printing more and more and more and more money. The day of reckoning is getting closer and closer. This is the calm before the storm.

    • mzm821 Feb 17, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

      So right - and rome burned and the fidler played - the answers you get tell the whole story

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      • Generally democrats can't defend why they voted for Obama, other than they like welfare, believe gov't programs solve problems, and think that gay men should be able to marry and adopt kids. Hopefully, the little boys they adopt won't be molested. It's hard enough to grow up with 2 normal parents, let alone watching 2 guys stick their peckers where they don't belong and to have to sleep at night with your back against the wall afraid your fathers are going to attack you.

    • Why don't you climb back into your hole. We've won and you've lost!

      Viva Obama! Viva Obama! Viva Obama!

      • 2 Replies to vote4communism
      • The sad thing is that Obama did win. So did the dictators/communists/socialists in Russia, Venezuela, China, North Korea, France, etc etc. There seems to be a world wide trend. Every one wants a free lunch. All politicians have to do is tell the uneducated and under achievers that if you vote for me I'll give you free healthcare, free food, free shelter, free cell phones, free tuition, free contraceptives, free free free free free free....... And those evil educated, hard working folks who worked their rear ends off are sooooo eeeeeeeeevillllllll. It's so pathetic. Dumbing down America one citizen at a time in return for votes and power. The Democrats bought the slaves on the auction blocks 200 years ago, and they continue to enslave America today by buying citizens with welfare. Just slide the meal under the cage door, and spray out the cage daily.

      • Yea its guy like you - the low information voter with IQ less than 100 that elected Obama- cause you need all his handouts - go get a job and support yourself idiot

    • all is good since owebungger #$%$ voters reelected speeechreader to banlrupt the economy further, while he reads bs speeeches to the #$%$z, you morons know who you are,


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      • The reason they will continue to print more money is because they know that America can never pay back the $16.5 trillion + the $70 trillion plus in unfunded future liabilities. The only possible way to pay off this massive debt is to devalue it by inflation. Inflation is the hidden tax on every one, particularly the lower and middle classes who's discretionary spending will disappear because they will have to spend all of their money on food and energy. Democrats say they don't raise taxes on the poor and middle class, but hide behind inflation which has the same consequences as higher taxes.

        The standard of living for the average American has gone down under Obama, and will continue to do so for the next 4 years. You won't hear about it on CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN because they cover it up when a Democrat is the president. Blacks in particular have seen their average income decline by more under Obama than any president in recent memory, perhaps ever. Obama doesn't care about increasing their job opportunities, merely getting more and more on welfare to secure their 95% vote for Democrats.

        If you're not a liberal when you're 20 years old, you have no heart. If you're still a liberal when you're 40 years, you have no brain. Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth, while socialism is the equal distribution of poverty. Obama and democratic party are taking us down the path of lower standard of living for all and a weak military to fund their welfare state. Within next 5 years we'll begin to see China really flex their military muscle which they have already begun to do so. Russia has also begun to send their bombers and submarines into U.S. territories because they know America is on the decline and Obama is a weak president. The communists said America would be destroyed from within, and they were right.

    • You forgot to mention fox.they will give you a good heads up on where we are headed

      • 2 Replies to momo_the_genius
      • Fox is better than nothing, but they don't do a very good job of educating their viewers on what has happened to other countries who adopted socialistic policies, incurred tremendous debt and had their currency collapse with hyper inflation. Every one's wealth gets wiped out, except for those that invested their money outside of country, bought commodities, or farm land. The poor who are used to getting free food, shelter, healthcare, cell phones, contraceptives, internet, etc etc are told there are no more handouts because gov't is broke and their currency is worthless. There will be a lot more violence in America than other countries that collapsed because we have a lot more guns. We also have generations of people who only know how to collect welfare and have never had to work. Instead of trying to find a way to make citizens out of the uneducated illegals, we should be kicking them out of the country and telling our lazy high school dropouts to do the work to EARN a living. Don't these people have any pride or self esteem?

      • Faux News board is further down the alphabet.

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