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  • rxnichols rxnichols Feb 19, 2013 1:42 AM Flag

    A message to Tim Cook

    Hello Tim, you've never met me, but I'm a stalwart Apple fan. I made my success in the 90s using Microsoft technologies, but in the latter part of the last decade I (and my family and businesses) switched to Apple technologies. I love that writing code on a Mac Book is the same as writing code on a UNIX mainframe and that I can develop scalable applications using all the great technologies (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, etc) and I never am forced to redesign to scale my applications after they get off the beta phase (unlike with MS where you're constantly searching for ways to scale and work around the limitations). I also love that I can run any application whether it be web-based or Xcode on i(whatever, phone, Pad, Touch) and that I never have to concern myself with backups (Time Capsule was a savior for all of us who suffered for years trying to get good backups of Windows). I have to concede also that as a decade + victim of the "Blue Screen of Death" there are few things as delightful as the stable nature of OSX. I could go on about Apple but you get the idea.

    Now here's my beef. I understand that Apple is a big company and big companies are difficult to run. I also know that great innovations don't happen every 6 months and that's fine as well. But what I dislike right now about Apple is that you aren't doing the daily "blocking and tackling" required to keep your user's confidence. For example, releasing the iPhone 5 with Apple's hack of a Google Map was irritating. If there's one thing Apple customer expect it's consistency and sensibility. The iPhone 5 release was neither. Here's another example - last night I went to iTunes to make a purchase and your severs were down ! You couldn't process my credit card. This wasn't a momentary problem. I called your tech support and spent over an hour with your servers rejecting the purchase. Your tech support rep said "sometimes that just happens to me as well". After a while I went over the Amazon and made the purchase.
    Tim, you have to know that if you can't process revenues handed to you by CCs then you are going to destroy this company and the stock to go with it. That's just unacceptable. You were handed a Cadillac and you're operating it like a Microsoft Windows release. Here's another incident - when I upgraded to Mountain Lion I assumed that like my previous OSX upgrades it would be done in a few moments and well worth the time and money. After 4 weeks of troubleshooting I gave up and changed my entire development architecture so that I wouldn't be affected by future OSX updates. You guys did things like remove the FTP service and it's control applet apparently to force us over to ML server. That's a fraud. It's wreaks of MS tactics such as removing helpful features like Remote Desktop and then adding them back to create different versions of its OS like Windows Pro, WIndows Home, Windows at Work, Windows for Canines, etc. This sort of thing speaks to an uninspired mindset. These are the types of management decisions that got Carley thrown out of HP. Her campaigns were full of "Invent" and the "Network as Service" and so on, and then she went and bought a PC maker. Apple is the best product maker in this sector by far, whether you bring any new ideas, or not, and the growth potential is enormous - unless you continue to be short-sighted, continue unproductive tactics like removing proven features and fail to keep your credit card processing servers online. That's the bottom line. All you need to do everyday is keep Apple running and it will continue to reward you. If you can't do that, please hire someone who will. Noone wants to see this wonderful company's status as an innovator devolve because it started to behave like HP or Microsoft.

    - Richard Nichols, M.D., MS BME.

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