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  • grahame811 grahame811 Feb 19, 2013 9:14 PM Flag

    Tired, of idiots saying give all cash back to shareholders!!!

    If apple gave $50 as share as a dividend, the stock would opent the next day down $50!!!! If they gave a $100 divident, the stock would open up $100 down! You see, there is no benefit of a dividend short term, you have to rely on a continuation of buying - dividends are only good for the tax benefit!!!!!

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    • It's not idiotic to double the divy.....makes the stock more attractive to value players since we are no longer considered a growth stock. All our cash is now in GOOG and PCLN.

    • I don't think they should give any of the 137bill to shareholders...but how much cash is enough? Apple can simply give $15bill a year in regular divy..... They can well afford $3.75 a Quarter ....they can also Bump the buyback 5 bill a year and even after doing this Apple will still add 20 bill plus to the 137bill per year

      I do not see anything wrong with this....

      a one time divy....of any super size just makes Apple weaker and is a Stupid idea....

    • If they pay a $100 divvie the PE falls to well under 8 if the stock falls to $360......far far too low for aapl. Plus they will have $35B in cash left and growing........

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