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  • aiwal1 aiwal1 Feb 21, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    Reality FoxConn Hiring Freeze

    Does it really surprise anyone, that FoxConn has a production hiring freeze until end of March, given its already well-known first quarter after Christmas has seasonally lower production, every year? Is this not true for most every supplier that they sell the most the Christmas quarter, ramp up production before it, and slow down production after it. Apple did not forecast higher unit-sales this present quarter after Christmas. This should not surprise anyone. Also fact that higher % of FoxConn workers came back after Chinese New Years Week, than prior years should not surprise anyone... as their hourly pay was doubled to $2 an hour in the last 2 years.

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    • It's been months since the words "reality" and "Apple" could be used in the same sentence. The hyper-pessimism toward Apple has killed the stock...for now. If you are not buying big under $500, you will kick yourself for the rest of your life when you look at the pps in 2014 and beyond. The growth at Apple is FAR from over, and they are in the processes of inventing new multi-billion dollar markets for their business. They will do over $100 in earnings in 2015. Put a stupidly low PE of 10 on those earnings and they are at $1000.

      Patience through the noise will yield high return over the next three years.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Apple is one of many co's Foxconn does contract work for like msft, hp.

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      • Fortune Mag. just came out with article, states that the doubling in Pay for the Chinese Production workers at FOXCONN in recent years, due to pressure from Apple and Human Rights Groups, is why a much higher percentage of FoxConn workers returned to their jobs this year after Chinese New Years Week. Makes sense.

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