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  • sm081969 sm081969 Feb 22, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    People are bothered by AAPL's arrogance - they think cash is theirs and not shareholders'

    I am no fan of hedge fund people - they just look for themselves. However, I am bothered by AAPL's arrogance and ignoring what shareholders want. They are accumulating huge cash quarter after quarter, way beyond what is needed to run and grow business. This cash is sitting there earning close to zero. I think at least half of that cash should be distriobuted to the owners so they can maximize return by investing wherever they see fit. The crunch of the argument is that AAPL cann't hold cash and earn zero percent - we want something better done with that cash either by AAPL or by shareholders.

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    • Wrong... is is their cash...not yours... you aren't running their bought the stock because you were confident that the people that run this company would do it well and the share price would go up.. it has and it will.... you can't see the future.... let the people that are running the company run the company...... the wall of silence is not affecting the brand... don't let TV talking heads and pundits make you lose site of what this company has done.... shareholders are like family.... can be the best thing in the world... and at the same time .. no one will #$%$ over like family...

    • You know, personally, i AM bothered to an extent by their cash hoarding, since in principle (some of it) DOES belong to the share holders. That's the reality of a public entitiy. OTOH, a company charter is free enterprise's version of a constitution, and whether shareholders like it or not, the BOD (congress) has the right of management (leadership). The shareholder meetings are where the "public" gets to voice their rights. Einhorn is striving to remove that right, and in so doing, circumvent the public vote. He then intends to put himself in the position of a congressional "lobbyist" and song-and-dance himself in private to a suitable equity payout deal. That's why that guy Kedrosky (and others) thinks he ultimately will fail, since Apple mgmt will have no particular motivation to strike any such shareholder "deal".

    • Very well said. Shareholders are also customers, and the wall of silence is starting to impact their perception of and loyalty to the brand.

    • If you are so bothered by it, you can sell your shares. No one forces you to hold them.

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      • Yes, I could sell but I don't get that cash. I would rather stay until Cook has the wisdom to see what's best for shareholders and distribute that cash. Holding this kind of cash is inconsistent with capitalism or free-market economy. It borders more with abuse of power - I don't think Cook and a handful of others are right and thousands of others are wrong.

      • Plenty of people who are holding shares.
        And for those who trusted the company and purchased shares in their IRA's/401k's, this smells of 2008-09.
        Except it's not market wide.
        Cook/AAPL has failed them.
        They are justifiably miffed.
        Particularly when APPL is investing their cash and earning 1%.
        AAPL has done more for Foxconn workers than share holders.
        I call BS

    • Is support them buying Yahoo and going after Google in the internet business. $45B get's it done. They could also increase the divi by 0.50%.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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