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  • stephen.zimbone stephen.zimbone Feb 25, 2013 2:35 PM Flag


    Cook is not inspiring...not motivational... he can't rally the industry opponents like jobs did for itunes, ipod, etc. need buybacks...stock supports, acquisitions

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    • IMHO, everybody should be like me and Romney, 1%s.

    • Jobs rallied nothing. He called people #$%$ and just ran the sales tables on them with amazing products - just as Cook has done. Check out the kids with Galaxy S3s with cracked cases and screens.

      DId you see the Samsung ads on the Oscars? If they think they're going to get the MBAs in the Fortune 1000 to dump their iPhones after seeing those "unicorn" enterprise commercials? - just what they want, employees trying to watch a basketball game while checking their Facebook page on a single screen.

      There are plenty of people with $1500-2000 for laptops they used to change every 3-4 years - they don't change TVs because no one gave them reason to do so. Apple will.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Why not? Their broke and they have $200 a month cell phone bills. Why not a iTV next.

    • Do you mean to say You are broke and can not afford an IPanel TV?

      Don't be so silly to think all people are poor......not sure which neighborhoods you are hanging out in but their are plenty of people out there making good money and have more then enough to buy Apples new product

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      • You are living in a "dream" world. 23+ million people are in the "underemployed" U-6 catagory of the Labor Dept. - 16% of the work force. The Middle class if that is what families needing to work 3 jobs a household (both spouses) are called is fighting for it's very survival. So spare us the 'elitist" rheteroic. Who would buy the Apple T.V. ? The usual suspects. The Apple Knight Templar followers. And of course in nsix months need to buy the "new" and must have version of the neeeeeewer T.V.
        But the average family and working person ain't popping for $2,500 (early quoted price) Samsung and other competitors make a superior T.V for significantly less. Sp don't worry about what "neighborhoods" people are hanging out in. The vast,vast segment of America lives in solid areas and the market at those prices will be alot smaller than the fanatics here would like to belie. And a "new" watch?? Yeh,the margins on that should be high. :):)
        And the poster NEVER said "all people" are poor. But all things are relavent in this deteriorating economy.

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