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  • red_robin_rocks red_robin_rocks Feb 27, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    It Was Over When Cue and Mansfield Insiders Sold $28M Nov 29 2012 at $583

    I told you then and am telling you again and again that AAPL will never ever be over $590 per share again (pre or post split). These officer insiders Cue and Mansfield sold a whopping $28M (the majority of their holdings) at $583 per share on November 29, 2012. They knew exactly what was in store for the future share price and got away with it. Do you longs actually think you know more than them about the future of AAPL when they have the business plan right in front of them in writing!! They know that mobility success is cyclical and AAPL has run its course and has had its glory.

    So once again, I am telling you that AAPL will never ever ever ever be above $590 per share and in fact, if and when there is a stock split, there will be another immediate 20%-30% decline in pps as AAPL will become a suckers play that institutional investors will not want any part of.

    Do you own due diligence and piece the puzzle together over the last 6-8 months and validate how accurate I am on this post!

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    • While your insider selling comments could be a signal to sell (a little late now), your assertion that $590 a share is pie in the sky is based on nothing. Given a normal valuation for a company still growing market share, revenues & EPS, the share price can easily eclipse $590. All it needs is the market sentiment to change to positive. The current price suggests that Apple is dead in the water. Positve news is being dismissed whereas the smallest negative rumor is jumped on by the media in such a manner that it is impacting the stock price. The stock is snow trading at about 3 times cash and a P/E under 10 if you pretend there is no cash. If Apple traded at the same P/E multiple as Microsoft, the current price would be $674. If it traded at the same multiple as Google, the price would be $1095. I won't even try to figure out the value if you use Amazon or Netflix's multiples as those stocks are too overpriced.

    • Why managers hold so few shares would have been a good question for Cook at the Shareholder meeting. Knowing Cook's philosophy on no skin in the game would be telling. Great post..

    • What. Welcome relief to see a sane posting in english whether i agree or disagree with you.
      This board has been inundated with so much nonsensical messages it' s like digging thru garbage to find a few quality imessages.

    • it's true!

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