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  • getintoh20 Feb 27, 2013 6:38 PM Flag

    Wow, we give the dirtyJEWS in Israel 21 billion a year and are faced with a governmental sequester tomorrow

    21 billion to steal land from their neighbors...collapse the World Economy, push the world to the brink of nuclear war.....and of course....just loke Dougie kass baaaabyyyyy....steal billions from Wall Street and medicaid every year.

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    • Your an Athist POS without any brain. Isreal is the only thing that stands between us and all the muslims in the jungles. They did not steal anything the neighbors tried to kill the Jews and they beat the hell out of them and took there land. The people were happy to give up the land to keep from getting there #$%$ from being cooked.

    • If you had half a brain you'd be a cretin. Why don't you take your hate to a placer where other haters gather. There is no reason to demonstrate your stupidity on the Apple stock boards. By the way, other than hating Jews and Israel, do you anything to talk about with rational people? Most like not since only a moron would spend so much time making a complete idiot of himself.

    • getintoh20 Feb 27, 2013 6:40 PM Flag

      Any wonder why the entire world refuses to do business with JRUS

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      • US spends $30 billion per year defending S. Korea from Communism, by keeping 35,000 US Troops there and a US Fleet offshore... and then SAMSUNG Corp. has its phones made in Communist S. Vietnam anyway using teenage and child labor, that costs 1/4 per hour what Apple's workers at FoxConn are paid. Samsung is not the 2nd richest Corp. in the world -- its about time the Koreans paid for their own Defense!

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