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  • migrationisahumanright migrationisahumanright Feb 28, 2013 1:47 AM Flag

    Samsung.. Not 1$ paid in taxes..

    Bilions of profits from Americans, zero in corporate income tax..

    What's wrong with that picture..

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    • Actually Samsung/Korea costs U.S. Taxpayers $35 billion a year. They are LEECHES. Why are we still paying to defend them from Communism, with our 35,000 U.S. Troops still there, when Samsung does business with the Communists? Samsung has its assembly factories in Communist Countries, using semi-slave labor at 40 cents an hour, and even teenage and child labor makes Samsung phones.

    • true, but there are sales taxes at least... but your point is well taken. funny how how everyone seems to be coming down on Apple while praising samsung....

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      • Not only that, but US Taxpayers are SUBSIDIZING SAMSUNG / KOREA to the tune of $35 Billion per year. We pay to keep 35,000 American troops in S. Korea, and also a Fleet off their shore, to save them from Communist Conquest. What does SAMSUNG do to thank us? It has its products made in VIETNAM by Child and Teen Age Labor at 1/4 the wages of China even. Samsung does business with Communist forces, even as US Taxpayer is ripped off by Korea to pay for their defense.

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