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  • alexq12789 alexq12789 Feb 28, 2013 9:30 PM Flag

    What will AAPL be trading at in one year?

    What do you think?

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    • With one or more REALLY new products with REALLY big appeal, back over 500 easy. Absent anything driving margin and revenue ain't gonna happen.

    • $350-$400 range if the overall market is about where it is now. Adjust that by whatever % the market changes from today. They will not do as well in China as people expect...the Chinese phone companies are catching up fast and will be favored by the government the same way the government will try and build its own aircraft without Boeing, GE etc. Also Samsung does not have the same pressures from the stock market in Japan that Apple has here and you will see them make a huge dive for share with products that probably (with all due respect to the fanboys) will exceed Apples' in all respects except the "ecosystem" and that too may change.
      I think Apple will have flat to slightly down earnings over the next 4 years as the smartphone and their deals with ATT and Verizon will never happen again.

    • $196.00
      All the steam is done, dam lucky they have the iphone because that's all that's basicly keeping them afloat.
      Imagine not being able to connect all your hard drives directly to you device.

      What's that, I kim Jung Un menatlity?

      Own personnel Jesus......Give me a break, It's over.

      Seriously, Think about it.

      Steve Jobs was replaced by a homosexual?
      Is Apple now a homosexual brand much in the way Subaru is known?
      Subaru put their final nails in the coffin with the latest set of commercials.
      What ad agency will now be defunct as the result of that feeble attempt..

      Ok, we're back to AAPL. IDiots have tins of money, the business model is fcked facing all the upshoot rivals
      let alone the new blackberry ipone but better duplicate and everything that's gone wrong with the inevitable Samsung Android world dominance competition that they've had to subcumb to.

      Go ahead, Give turkey.

      Tell me AAPL isn't cooked.

      Stick a fork and put some lipstick on this Pig, becausae sh'e far overdone.

      Thank you for respecting and realizing my opinion is correct.
      No No, you, I mean you.

      It's cooked.

    • wcooperiv Mar 1, 2013 2:10 AM Flag

      $700 - $750. This bad press was first started by the hedge funds and then the shorters. Anyone with a business brain can read the balance sheet and see that Apple is not only a solid company, but still one of the most profitable in the world. They aren't just sitting on their hands. They are working on more products and better yet, they are working a couple of big announcements this year. Keep in mind, this is the stock market and the only way these huge hedge funds make money is by buying low and selling high. They also know how to make that happen... Pushing bad news for a few months will allow them to buy low (again) and once people see that Apple is still a cash cow, they stock will jump up quickly.

    • $725 - unless there's a split.

    • After 52 options expiration Fridays, probably around 450 !!! ;)

    • Based on upcoming products in the pipeline. What do they have now $140,000,000,000 and in just over a year over $200,000,000,000 In Cash. Or whatever it is. Maybe they could pay down all the debt? No wait, they have no debt. This is March 1st. $675 mark this post. That's not much of a stretch as they'll have almost $200 per-share in cash. Not sure what the dividend will be, maybe $15 - $20 per-share. Whatever it is you'll be making money from current levels.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • $275, mark this post

    • 650

      Not going below 435. Mark this post

    • About the same level as Nortel.

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