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  • toonawish toonawish Mar 1, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    An Apple a Day?

    Does anyone know of any partnerships Apple has formed in healthcare besides the one with Sanofi which produced the iBGStar blood glucose meter for the iPhone & iPod Touch?

    I see on the iBGStar website that they are saying this unit is not for use with the iPhone 5 #$%$?)

    Apple has so many possibilities to fuel growth again:

    Integrated Healthcare Devices & Big Data Management
    Smart Home Appliances

    Samsung has a huge advantage in that they are stealing mobile device market share & they already produce home appliances (Apple could try to buy LG Electronics with a market cap of $13.2B & a loss of over $300M last year & not too much debt) Cornhorn would swallow himself...

    Next they could try to buy BMW Group (Market cap $61.2B & a ton of debt makes them an LBO target.)
    On 2nd thought; maybe BMW wouldn't be such a good idea.

    Oh; how about instead, they aggressively pursue development of built in iPad type devices (see Cornings new Willow glass) for all major luxury auto manufacturers.
    They could start out elitist with Lexus only (like they did with the iPhone/ATT deal) & then branch out as production/demand warrant.

    All of my speculations should most definitely be taken with a huge boulder of salt!
    I'm making them here to start some intelligent conversation which may enable us to do a Vulcan mind meld with Cookie & maybe divine some possibilities for this company.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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