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  • monkey449 monkey449 Mar 1, 2013 5:18 PM Flag

    How about a drop of $275 in a bull market over a period of less than 6 months?

    That is truly insane and WAY overdone.

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    • How about going up over 330 after their CEO dies. Article october 2011. Early trading on the Nasdaq today shows Apple's shares as of this writing to be up as much as 4 percent, to around $384. The company's shares started the day down in the $374-$375 range following yesterday's closing price of $378.25, but have quickly made their way back, seeming to indicate that Wall Street has faith in Apple, even though its iconic co-founder has died.

    • It is ok, but real buy is coming at 245.

    • Agreed but I just have a feeling we're not done. Un-effin-fortunately!

    • I did this 4 plus years ago when AAPL went from $176.79 in August to $97.07 in September in 2008. That was a 45% loss of stock value in a month. I could not believe it then and here I am again. So, another day of portfolio decimation. And Tim Cook tells us to “… be patient”. The mishandling of the stock crush for 5 months is total incompetence. Similar to the “Cook & Co’s total mishandling of the new iMac launch” which never should have happened. Remember when the new PowerPC delivery delayed the iMac release, Steve Jobs moved the Macs over to the Intel chip.

      “Apple shareholders should be patient.” Have you ever heard of a lifeguard telling a drowning swimmer to “be patient”, I will get to you someday. REALLY! “be patient”!

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      • What I find amazing is when people on these boards come to his defense while none of the pundits, analysts or experts has spoken in glowing terms about his handling of this crisis. He strives to find the most sensational adverbs and adjectives to describe the operations and the future of innovation at his company, yet he hardly inspires confidence in any one-other than some of the most blindly loyal sharehoders. Telling the world that you empathize with those in pain without backing that up with solid effort to alleviate their pain--or at least projecting the impression that you really mean it-- is a hollow gesture at best. A publicly-traded company has fundamental responsibilities to its shareholders-meaning it has to proactively engage in protecting their interests. Talking just to give the impression that you are actively involved doesn't cut it. The value of this stock is a product of overblown expectations and whimsical nature of Wall Street, which suggests we have a true crisis on our hands. Who better to take on this monumental task than the company itself? Do their words and actions demonstrate an awareness of the magnitude of this crisis? No. Do they seem transparent enough for the shareholders to either abandon ship or continue to remain royal until the crisis is lifted? I even sense an insidious tendency on their part to show more restraint in providing a meaningful response to the crisis until the stock completely bottoms out and then take some sort of self-serving action. But are they even aware of the consequences of remaining on this neverending path of dismissiveness and indifference?

      • I sold in that panic too. 2000 shares back then. Needless to say, it was a HUGE mistake. Not repeating that mistake again. I'm down now but not worried. Staying calm.

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    • totally agree--what's going to stop the decline?????

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      • I would say the April ER but I am not sure that will matter even if they blow out the estimates. Any news is spun negatively and all good news is ignored. If Apple announced smart glasses like GOOG, they would have been ridiculed. GOOG announces anything and its celebrated. I believe what will change is that the money going into Google will move to Apple at some point just BECAUSE. Rationality is not part of today's stock market.

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