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  • apex_trex apex_trex Mar 2, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Can someone explain #$%$ is going on?

    Between CNBC, and the rest of the bloggers, if you were some retail investor, you'd think Apple is going out of business. I understand the parabolic move up in the stock was probably a little too much, but unless these earnings estimates are completely off, than Apple should be in the mid 500's. Even if they do not grow.

    Does anyone have a clue on how they will distribute the cash?

    Please no stupid responses from sheepskinner, osulin, ametrosixual, lefthanded bandit, and the rest of the anti semite racists.

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    • you have to look at the big pic. What is aapl goona be 5-10-20 years from now?My guess is the mobile market/content will be shared by aapl and google.Samsung is just a #$%$. Any purchase anywhere between 400 to 1000 is a good investment for the long run.

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    • Once Apple buy Yahoo it shoot to $1000.

    • It's a Wall tactic to get the retail investors cash. After they steal enough money 100B or so then it will go back up. kk?

    • I wish I knew! I bought 25 percent of my position at $455 ( Minus the $2.65 Dividend ) and now I'm going to hit my stop limit Monday with the fund managers dumping on the close. I know growth funds have to dump and move on. I just thought with the massive volume this may have run it's course. The fundamentals remain in place. And I'm quite sure they have some great products in the pipeline. Maybe not as cool as those in the pasted. But still enough to add Billions to the bottom line. Apple is still an amazing company with with good people running the company.

      Don't get pulled down by the investors who used bad timing and bought into the peak. They'll blame management for their BAD TIMING and never take the blame for what they caused. The institutional investors who ran this stock to 700 and then pulled the plug are the traders who caused the run-up. The stock was priced to perfection and that never works. When that analyst stepped up with that $1000 target. I shorted a ton of this stock. Taking profits a bit soon. I'm trying to put that money to work in a long position. AAPL will find investors sooner of later. Right now, fund managers are sitting on their hands and letting it drift lower. I mean why not? Why not get in as cheap as possible? It's when there's blood in the streets that those who understand this market step up and take advantage. Good luck with your investments

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