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  • fatmans_pimp fatmans_pimp Mar 2, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    What would you do if you're Tim Cook?

    He knows the cards he has
    He has product launches
    He has tv
    He has China mobile
    He has blown away all competition to date
    He has by far the most profitable company in the worlds history

    Really think he needs to respond to rumors every day?
    Aapl never has and never will
    They are no strangers to skepticism
    They always prevail

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    • back 25billion right now with the overseas cash......and bring the divy to $20 a year.

    • I would know and become a a CEO who actually cares about the future and speculation about apple, because aol was a big time player one time and once the mental evaluation and invester fear set in you're doomed to lose it for forever. I would also act like I cared about the investers that bought apple when Jobs was getting his clock cleaned. ans I would also act like Steve jobs, not weak Tim Cook

    • He should start immediately buying back shares anytime AAPL dips below $450, about 15mln every day and 20-30mln on down days like Friday. There is no point of overpaying for other companies when the shares of Apple are massively undervalued. TC should probably invest more to guarantee supply of iPhones, iPads, etc. There is probably room to grow in gaming, streaming movies (however, i wouldn't go after Netflix at 600 P/E) and an iTV will capture this opportunity.

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    • If I was Tim Cook I personally would give up the gay lifestyle it is wrong in so many ways:)

    • I would acknowledge that I might have undermined shareholders by not allocating cash more in their favor. I would also back up my words (feel their 'pain") by taking solid action-not weeks or months from now but right away-to avert further pain and suffering on the part of retail investors. Let's not forget that, for months, he's been talking and talking about a more proactive cash policy and yet nothing has panned out. I would also give stronger hints as to why growth at Apple, as many media talking heads would like you to believe, has not screeched to a halt, as opposed to making vague statements like we have "great stuff" coming. A more active engagement will slow down rumor-mongering and wild speculation regarding the company's state of affairs. I'd also work hard to inspire confidence in investors by showing that I'm running a tight ship. In short, I'd be more proactive and prone to creating catalysts to improve the company's reputation, operations and stock value. (In the mind of many, the erosion of stock value is equivalent to diminshing quality of their products.) Of course, we all assume that Tom Cook's job is a piece of cake and any one of us could do it.

    • jai_hakim Mar 3, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

      I would resign, if I were Tim Cook. Have some self respect.

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      • shareholders and board won't let him. who'd take his place? share price matters more for new companies with a lot of debt, especially investment bank money. jobs picked cook to head apple. cook has been a great ceo, much kinder, more transparent, and more generous than jobs would ever be. he should be proud. jai_hakim, you should have some respect for the money cook's earned for apple shareholders. if you were long, you would be well ahead.

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    • Fatman I agree that I don't want TC to respond to all the Rumours. I also know that he is currently presiding over a company that has lost several hundred BILLION dollars of market cap in a relatively short time and is selling for a PE mutilple that is half the market. The High was not a bubble because even then the market valued the company at just a small premium to the market even though it was growing 5 times faster. Now that that growth has slowed to a little better than average it half off. IF TC understands this he needs to do whatever it takes to make the market understand that he is not going to stand by and let this go on indefinetly and convince his shareholders that he is REALLY about increasing shareholder value. The following are his options:
      1) Cut a deal with China Mobile and talk it up big time by Mid summer.
      2) Convince shareholder that he is willing to share a reasonable percentage all future FCF.
      3) Talk about the share valuation. It is not unheardof for CEO's to proclaim there stock cheap and then buy it back with both hands.
      4) Innovate,surprise and delight. The NAysayers have no attack stradegy for that and there is no long term substitute for it.

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      • Fair enough

      • take a look at the 5 year chart to see the bubble swell and pop in just one year. ceos have little control over market cap especially if several hundred billion were created and lost in about a year. so the market pumped aapl up and now shorted it down. you'd have cause to worry if there were huge mistakes or problems with apple. but name a company that wouldn't trade balance sheets with apple. which company in your portfolio has more money in the bank and better brand recognition?
        1. cook needs to cut a deal with china mobile but not hurt the existing deals. remember chinese are not americans. they shop different. chinese consumers are extremely price sensitive. cook needs to get china mobile in the fold but not at the expense of paying china mobile to carry the iphone.
        2. what's reasonable? cook and management already does that and will do more. in the coming months cook will probably raise dividend. if you are a short term investor why should cook reward you?
        3. but this is the fool's way of buying back shares. buy a lot then when you are done, then announce that you've bought. there's no need to tell the market that apple has set a buy back price.
        4. innovation is the only way forward. apple engineers have been working very hard at this and will continue for the foreseeable future. by not spending too much and saving more, apple has bought itself some time to hit a few foul balls before the next homerun.

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    • If I were Tim Cook, I'd quit.

    • It would depend on what "great stuff" he actually has in the pipeline. This is the key market concern. The great stuff explanation will expire on the next earning call in April.

    • He should resign and apologize to the shareholders and give back all the money he took.

      Watch and Learn

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