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  • happyperson_1 happyperson_1 Mar 4, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    If things continue as they usually do for AAPL in the afternoon it is not good for longs!

    After 2:00 PM AAPL usually sells of more. I have been going short after 3:00 PM since Valentine's day. Every day but 2 I have made very good money . 1 of those days I was even and I lost a little the other. AAPL is looking weak again today. I am not one that things this stock is a piece of garbage. I am actually waiting for an opportunity to go long because I still think it is a great company. It is just that the big money is playing this company at present on the short side. Today they could decide to cover and go long. I have no idea when they will do that. I watched DE go from 90+ to 20+ in just over 10 months. When DE was 90 I thought it was a great company and at 24 I thought it was a great company. Sure it was worth more than 24 but the big money was making the money on the short side. Wall Street doesn't care about you and I. They take no prisoners. So I have not idea how low they may take AAPL. If we do have a correction in the market it will go much lower in my opinion which means little. Good luck out there and be careful

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