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  • jabroniass2001 jabroniass2001 Mar 4, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

    Down 14 out of 16 days with Markets at all time highs

    Last years blowout earnings meant nothing

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    • That's right. Management and the BOD has screwed this stocks price and they do not care. Most of them sold their stock, so they have very little skin in the game. They have had 2 opportunities in the past 1 1/2 months to make things improve on the stock price and Tim Cook failed. Down almost $100 a share since the last earnings call, and that shareholder meeting last week was a total waste as far as getting any good news out of these idiots. They have missed expectations 3 qtrs in a row. Only people buying now are day traders hoping for small pops. POS stock. With such terrible management in regard to stock price, this thing will continue it's current direction until COOK IS FIRED.

    • agreed. Unreal, Down 14 out of 16 days

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      • "Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent". I'm long, got in at 460 and 430, but just wonder maybe the "pain" will probably last a little longer than I expected, probably until I admitted it's a big mistake to jump in "that early" :-( While I understand there is no reason for Apple CEO to really care about the short-term price and he probably does not care, but I still hope Apple will jump in to rescue its stock. But I also kinda feel as far as the "longs" are still waiting for the CEO to rescue, the price will keep dropping.

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