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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Mar 4, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    Cook does not realize

    that extensive and long term price weakness loses those shareholders who will never return, no matter what. Guess he does not care.

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    • Well, you premise is flawed for two reasons. Cook is not and should not be worried about short term stock price movements. If he did, he wouldn't have time to run the world's most profitable company. Second, long term? What 5 months? Not long term. If you think AAPL doesn't return to more than $705 a share, you deserve to lose money. If you have been buying calls, then you are going to lose money. Buy stock and hold on. It'll get there.

    • Why does Cook care if the stock price falls this low? He's getting very cheap shares to buy back. Quit your #$%$.

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      • Wrong.. He is not going to buy any shares. He is the CEO and owns 14k shares total. And most of them were given to him. What kind of a CEO does not own shares of the company that he soooo believes is the best. What confidence is he showing shareholders when the biggest insider doesn't buy shares and even sells them once he receives them. Think about that...

    • And the fact that continuous irrational negativity surrounding the stock might diminish demand for their products as well.

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      • 99.9999% of people have NO IDEA what is going on the the stock market.

        It is easy to forget that, but the fact that you even view (much less post to) a forum like this one indicates that you are FAR more aware of AAPL's price movements than 99.9999% of people.

        Hell, one time last year (when AAPL was going UP like a rocket) I was in an Apple Store and I happen to make a comment about the stock price to one of the employees. Keep in mind that this was when the stock had gone up over $200 in a few months.

        He had no idea what the stock price was doing. Even if he did not own any, as an Apple employee, you might think he would have some notice that the price was way up lately. But no.

      • ^^^THIS^^^ is my concern. Enough of this garbage being spewed daily and then the consumer starts to think Apple, the products and services are in trouble. This is why the media should be ashamed of themselves promoting a Korean company over an American company by constantly repeating speculation and half-truths. Most of these rumors are being started by Apple's competitors. It is truly shameful the US media's role in this.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My best estimate is there are over 50 million people who hold AAPL in their retirement accounts through the likes of Vanguard and fidelity...... These people are also customers of AAPL........ The damage could be severe. At best AAPL needs to stop the negative press.......

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