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  • porchoggs porchoggs Mar 4, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

    Find It Hard to Believe...

    lots of smart investors don't find this a bargain!!??? It's just the most bizzare thing I have witnessed in the market. And shorts seem SO SURE it is going down the next day. How can that be? There is some corrupt game going on here... a company making 44 dollars per share earnings doesn't look to correct 35% all of a sudden.... shaking my head... and every night now they are sure to keep AH in the red... hmmmmm?

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    • Bizarre is right. Look what happened to PCLN after it reported horrible earnings...Down and then up big soon after...I mean it's a website for God's sake!

    • It is market. The brokers create the demand and supply. If you are their friend, you can bet with them and if you are not their friend they can bet against you. Stories,tales, rumors and Marketing are their weapons along with a 10 day volume. A 10 day volume can rinse the calls and puts a long way until the retail investors or institutional investors get interested in the stock.

      It started before the earnings. CNBC,news articles. Bear case for AAPL etc. Earnings though good, did not meet the high end of the analyst estimate, If AAPL/TC was smart, he would have anticipated this move and announced a buyback during the call. Now the damage is done more than anticipated. It is like steering a bus without brakes on a downhill/ uphill road. Downhills will be faster and uphills will be tough to hold on to.. The support is broken easily and it will not be far before big funds start to unload if TC does not act to provide a solid base. KKD is an example. It does not matter if the PE is 1 or .01. The company needs to provide support for its broken stock. Fix the breaks.

    • Tim Cook knows exactly what he is doing. If anything he is encouraging the stcok beat down. When we hit bottom aapl will be able to buy back some stock at a great price. The companies value will be preserved for a long time with a move like that.

    • I find it hard to believe that it was going up $20 a day on its run up..... So now that your on the wrong side you decide to bitsh about it. Why did that parabolic move up make sense, but now, with NOTHING in the foreseeable it doesn't make sense. You guys crack me up.

    • I am sure it is market manipulation to some degee. Market makers all talk together and work the price to their advantage. However, I have to say that Apple leaves the door wide open to be kicked around. It would be so damn easy for them to make several versions of the iphone, one with bigger screen (bye bye samsung), one with a flip out key board (bye bye rimm). there is no question about Apples quality, its just that they are too damn stubborn to seize an opportunity!

      But when you consider quality, you cant compare Apple to samsung! I have used android devices and they lock up all the time. Apple products never lock up! and they last forever!

      But they could be a bit smarter about fending off competition... and also be a little more shareholder friendly!

      The only reason "smart investors" are holding back... of course, they want it as cheap as they can get it! so its to their advantage to sit back and let the MM's and hedge funds tear the living sh*t out of it so they can scoop up the bargain after the dust has settled.

    • When the market finally blows up, AAPL will be the one to buy. That's what they are gettinbg it ready for.

    • You need to do your due diligence and figure out why what you are seeing with Apple's stock is so "bizarre". If you can't figure it out, you should be out of the stock. You can always get back in once you know what's going on.

    • Here, let's make it more bizarre. HPQ is up 30% in the same time frame AAPL is down 30%. That should make your tummy rumble, and start a cold sweat.

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    • victorspam Mar 4, 2013 6:23 PM Flag

      To think that AMZN is reward to lose money with a PE ratio of 3500 and GOOG is 1 trick pony as well trying to compete with Apple with their recent release chrom book, essentially a web browser on a laptop that is priced at $1600. Given the choice between a macbook and the chrome book - 100% of the people will chose a mac book. Same with the kindle fire and mini Ipad. Kindle fire is loser. Google Glass is not going to fly. Most people hate wearing glasses. I rather wear a watch with all power of a smart phone before I wear glasses.

      There is no make sense to the market. I am just going buy at these bargain price, all analyst be damned.

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    • Seriously, is this the MOST bizarre thing you ever witnessed? I think it is not even close. For example, remember Seagate trading under $3/sh. a few years back. They were earning $2/sh. or so, except for that one year or maybe two. I know at least 10 more examples of more bizarre valuation.

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