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  • fr8rk9 fr8rk9 Mar 6, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

    Everybody knew the AAPL crash was going to happen after Jobs death

    I was thinking that the company was doomed when Jobs died. I knew it then, but initially the company did ok, since the pipeline was filled with his creations. The company is doomed now without Jobs. Not too hard to figure actually. I'm so stupid for not selling. It's going much lower!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Oh for the love of god, post something original. This has to be the billionth post on this board that says "Apple is doomed without Jobs."

      And, fwiw, Jobs was a CEO, not a product designer. He didn't create a thing. Ive did. Jobs's genius was marketing, and taking credit for other's work. Also for yelling and making people feel like #$%$.

    • Creative genius can never be replaced with fireside chats. As far as making money from the stock-if you're a technical trend trader-you've had a down trending stock price for over 7 months. That's a price trend that a stock trader can only dream of to make great money-on the short side. Stock trading is simply a technical game of price trends-either long or short. It's a game of charts & trends-nothing more. You DON'T get emotionally involved with any company-EVER. Play the price trends & forget fundamentals & turn off the television & you'll make money-good luck.

    • I should have done the same thing. I said when Steve goes, I go meaning out of Apple stock. I held too long but still made a ton of money thanks to Steve Jobs. Thank you Steve.

    • Jobs himself said it when he was at Next (there's a youtube video of the interview with Louis Rukeyser). He said that although Apple spends billions on research, it means nothing because there's no imagination behind it. Morons run the company.

      Then he re-joined Apple and the rest is history.

      Well, now he's dead and the morons are back in charge and guess what? Bankruptcy and delisting is inevitable.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Steve was special. Watch the lost interview on Netflix( found VHS TAPE IN 2012). They aren't doomed, but the longer the horizon the more they won't resemble Steve Jobs Apple. That is pretty scary, watch the interview.

    • No one ever thought it would crash 300 pts though. If you would have told somebody that at 705 they would have run you out of town. When stock was 705 every one and his brother was saying next stop 850, then on to 1000. Apple was on top of the world back then. Ha "back then"....a mere 6 month ago.

    • Then sell your entire position tomorrow morning.

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