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  • liveup40 liveup40 Mar 12, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

    ginormous share buyback any day now

    thats why the stock rallied yesterday.... thats why the past three days lower opens have been bought..... thats why the analyst downgrades have stopped pushing the stock lower.....

    AAPL's management have told everyone, they are in very very active discussions about returning additional cash to shareholders.... Its coming....

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    • Yes, a buyback would be awesome.. But Cook seems to not want to do it or else he would have done it already. The dividend hike would have happened already especially before the end of year when all other companies were doing it. The answer to the puzzle here is to get rid of Cook and bring in someone with cojones to deploy cash and be aggressive with the negativity that the media is pumping out each and everyday. What happened when Facebook tanked after the IPO? The CEO (Zuck) came out on live television and did a 1 hour question and answer session explaining what he was going to do and to calm investors and shareholders. And then what did the stock do right after that? It rallied hard.... I can't explain what all the delay is here with Cook and Apple management. Are they ashamed that everyone is telling them what to do and now they feel that if they do it, they will look like we are controlling them?

    • First of all, aapl is been active for how many months now! Second of all, a buyback won't help the stock. On the other side, Cook resignation will do wonders

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