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  • notimetopost notimetopost Mar 13, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

    COOK needs to ramp up Marketing & PR departments

    Did he cut the budget for those two departments? Steve Jobs are very good at Marketing and PR

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    • right, right.... let's get john malkovich back in a commercial to tell everyone that siri doesn't suck. or what about making software that works well instead -- cook could start with itunes.

      you know what apple needs? marissa mayer. a month after she joined yahoo, she finally fixed the incredibly f'd up yahoo finance message boards and made them highly usable (a feat, mind you, that nobody could pull off in 15 years) -- she did it in a month.

      whoever allowed siri, maps, and the latest itunes out the door she be put out to pasture (i.e., let go, fired, etc.)

    • if the bod has any bowling balls they would fire him effective immediately

    • Let me be Apple CEO?

      First I'd formulate a policy to show what Apple intends to do for investors.

      I'd propose that Apple do modest increases in the regular dividend for commons shareholders, no special dividends, no preferred stocks and no bonds.

      I'd propose that Apple repatriate about 50 to 100 percent of the NEW money that accumulates as offshore cash, or announce plans as to why Apple needs more than $100 billion in offshore cash.

      Next I'd want to see if the iTV can be used as an iPhone.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Apple got arrogant, now the investors are paying for it. What they gonna hype the mini that is too big to carry without a purse. Bunch of hippies.

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