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  • biggatorhear biggatorhear Mar 14, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Apple’s Already Lost’ to Samsung:)

    But that will all change when North Korea nukes South Korea:)

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    • You are such a ignorant person..

    • Well if you can't beat him, blow-um up....One way to get ride of your compettion

    • If Apple did not say anything, the guests on CNBC would say the company is wrong. They say something and now the company is weak. Any guest that badmouths Apple gets a long time bashing. If it's on the positive side it's " thanks for coming" and off you go. I stopped watching them a while ago but flipped it on to see what was going on with Samsung. They're a waste of time and narrow minded. Ang this guy who said Apple lost, we'll see how it goes in the A.M. tomorrow. Sammy should jump on the launch, as does most companies. We have to wait. Hope everyone lowers the expectations for Apple, it's the outrageous expectations that killed us last quarter. Sit tight. We alreday had a conflict with Korea, we'll stay out of this one.

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      • Well, I doubt that that CNBC will do too much. After all MDN is like the old Tass and Izvestia in the former USSR when it comes to propaganda, but then to each their own. The S4 might prove to be a great phone which in turn will force APple to improve their product. I wouldn't be a bit surprised the next iphone slavishly copies the eye control that Samsung is purportedly going to put in the S4. Owning both Samsung and Apple products, I can say that there is really nothing wrong with Samsung phones. They are high quality at a lower price, and isn't that best for consumers?

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