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  • michalisrael157 michalisrael157 Mar 15, 2013 1:09 AM Flag

    Gizmodo:The S IV feels uninspired left us feeling cold. no WOW factor

    Gizmodo was one of several outlets that received hands-on time with the Galaxy S 4 before Samsung's event, and noted the prevailing sentiment that the device feels like more of the same as an evolution of the Galaxy S III rather than a major leap forward.There has been a ton of hype and build-up to this device, and ultimately, it left us feeling cold. The S IV feels uninspired. There are small spec bumps from the previous generation and there's a ton of software which will largely sit unused. There's just no wow-factor here.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Gizmodo must be stupid. Nothing was hyped about the S4 that didn't show up in the phone. The processors are there, the pixel ppi is there, the outstanding display is there, the NFC is there, the speed is there. I really wonder what Gizmodo expected. How many phones have controlled page reading with the eyes? If there is no wow factor then there is NEVER going to be any more wow factor. Were they expecting three D projected holograms? If so, that was never in the hype. Certainly, the S4 has many more features that the iphone 5 and talk about a phone with leaving anyone uninspired and cold, but yet Gizmodo didn't feel that way with the iphone, and yet the iphone gave nothing new but a larger screen which must have been a form factor they wanted to copy from Samsung or other Android phones. There is a 13mp camera, but perhaps Gizmodo thought there should have been a 130 mp camera. The shape of the phone shouldn't have been expected to change much. Why should it? Please tell us the wow factor of an iphone? I guess you can say "wow" that screen is tiny....I can barely see the video. Gizmodo is correct in that there is a ton software that won't be used, but guess what? There is a ton on an iphone that isn't used either. The average person has 10-15 apps on a phone. That's it.

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      • Huh, Samsung hyped the S4 saying its gonna be the greatest thing since color television.
        Samsung said it was absolutely beautiful to look at. Anaabhaa. The S3 when it was new and fresh was never beautiful.

        Samsung pumped itself up too much so now its gonna fall straight on their face. So they'll pump $400 Million in marketing and sell 40 million of them this year. That's still way too many so apple better wake up and unleash the 5S next month.

        At least announce it next month for a release in May. Don't give Samsung a full quarter let alone 2 with this monster S4 to gain traction cause it has the specs to really dig deep with its claws into the carriers and consumer minds. They'll make the iPhone 5 look obsolete in their new ads because it is.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • The wow factor is the echo system DB and it will always be. All APPL devises work perfectly together . Blowsong as much as copy cat they are can't come close.

      • Don't tell me a soul-less rip-off of great company's product leaves people feeling cold? Fancy that huh.

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