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  • thqisbankrupt thqisbankrupt Mar 16, 2013 12:30 AM Flag

    AAPL better do a HUGE buyback

    Can you imagine what would happen if AAPL lets their cash pile grow 50 billion a year for just 3 more years? They'd have about 300 billion dollars. Cook would bee called before Congress and asked why he's un-American and why they aren't doing their part and paying their taxes. Whey are they supporting China over the US? Then I imagine we'd start hearing rumblings of a special windfall tax. Remember the "We must tax the obscene profits of big oil!" talk a few years ago? If AAPL's cash reserve gets too high, we'll start hearing about taxing the obscene profits of big microchip. It sounds funny but you can be sure it will happen.


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