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  • ny_nyyankee ny_nyyankee Mar 26, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    AAPL and Cook

    Will leave investors in the poor house...They do not care about shareholders...If they did they would of had a plan to utilize the cash instead of stating they were in discussions...Cook has been the biggest mistake for AAPL shareholders.

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    • Apple has a plan to use the cash. They have been implementing the plan since they announced it last year. The plan is to buy back shares and give out a dividend. They've been doing both. Apple will continue to buy back shares. Management isn't stupid. They won't tell you when or at what price they are buying back shares. Doing so would be very stupid. Stay long and you'll be fine. If you are shorting the stock or pumping the stock for a short term profit, then be careful. Apple is a relatively safe place to park your money for the long term. Good companies tend to perform well. Wait a year or two and see what new products come out of Cupertino. iWatch, iphone 5s, and new apps and services will make shareholders happy.

      Apple doesn't owe you anything. I don't understand why Cook and Apple management should give cash to the bagholders who bought high in 2012. When the stock is hitting all time highs, it's generally good to trim and take profits. When the stock was hitting 52-week lows as recent as a few weeks ago, it's generally good to buy a little and continue to do so over time until you fill your position in this sector. Buy low and sell high. That's how you make money. Demanding Cook and Apple to give you money is not the answer.

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      • I dont invest just so my money is "relatively safe". YOu must be stupid #$%$ fan boy. "Apple don't owe you anything?" LOL. What a loser. Hello, I am a #$%$ shareholder. I own a piece of the company. It doesn't matter if I bought the stock at 330 or 600. The inaction of this CEO is stupendous. And how do you know they have been buying back shares? Who the #$%$ are you to act so knowledgeable?

      • "Apple doesn't owe you anything."
        I'm tired of hearing that, even though that assersion is usually drowned out by the shouts of indignant longs calling for immediate cash allocation. Yes, apple does owe us something. It has a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of its shareholders, who happen to own this publicly-traded company. And so far it has not done that. The stock had plunged from a high of 705 to 417 in 6 months, mostly a result of gossip, rumours and conjecture. This precipitous drop is unreal, not least because the stock never traded at astronomical levels to begin with. The management has the means to counter the manipulative tactics that have consistently undermined the true value of the stock. They can put an end to all the rumour mongering and attempt to stabilize the stock price through a more effective cash allocation plan. And they can show more transparency, as opposed to making vague comments about future plans or the state of competition.

      • Problem is they can't proceed until Tiny Tim finishes counting all free cash...problem s its in singles and mainly outside the US ....this might take him awhile

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