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  • cchaker cchaker Mar 27, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Apple To Make Billions On Google's Android.

    Here we look into the Android mobile operating system developed by Google (GOOG) that directly competes with Apple. Google is supposed to make money from Android, not its competitor Apple, but Apple could be looking at a bonanza.
    Siri Is Apple's Post-Jobs Ticket To $1,000
    The reality is that Google may never make any money from Android. Google makes the software available free to phone manufacturers, but Apple is bound to make billions of dollars in royalties from Android. Apple has built an enviable portfolio of smart phone patents. At present, Apple is pursuing patent litigation against Android phone vendors. Let us start out by understanding one of the dozens of patents that Apple holds. The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently issued a patent to Apple for a ‘slide to unlock’ feature. All Android devices use this feature. This is the feature that a person uses to unlock a phone by sliding a thumb over an image to unlock the device. Slide-to-unlock has become so popular because it is the simplest and most elegant way to date to prevent inadvertent calls. Slide to unlock patent issues have even reached the desk of Prime Minister Wu Den-yih of Taiwan. It is said that Wu expressed his concern to his entire cabinet. Wu has directed two of his ministries to help Taiwanese manufacturers deal with patent disputes with Apple. Apple does not have just one patent; Apple has managed to build a moat of patents. An exhaustive treatment of all of Apple’s patents is beyond the scope of this article. However, to give the investors a glimpse of Apple’s fire power, listed below are the summaries of some of the important Apple patents related to the touch screen.
    U.S. 7,966,578 Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for translating displayed content.etc

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