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  • spectate_ulator spectate_ulator Mar 28, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    Im a share holder, but I must say, I can totally understand why aapl

    has underperformed relative to their earnings growth..... gotta be the most share holder Un-friendly company I know of... had Bezos been at the helm, aapl would be over $1000 right now!

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    • Blame Cook for this not press. Tim Cook could have taken care of the Div and Buyback long time ago before letting Einhorn drag him to court, and won him and the apple brand. Today all phone companies out there have smartphone and just a matter of time consumers will start trying others. If apple doesn't launch new impressive product soon, they are history.

    • Total BS guy. Apple is down because of the massive negative press on a daily basis. Bezos is giving away AMZN profit for a piece of the tablet market. Not smart. Tim Cook is doing a great job.... the financial press and talking heads are driving fear into Apple stockholders.

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      • I agree the press are frightening shareholders, just as they instilled confidence on the way up to the ridiculous $700 level. perception is powerful in this game, and the neasr future won't be kind to AAPL longs IMO.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • I own the stock. Apple is down because their growth rate is slowing, and they have no new products. Even today, Blackberry is doing a little better which means a few less Iphone sales. All they have to do is start selling lower end phones with China Mobile and team up with Intel (a non-competitor) instead of Samsung. That alone would push us back to $550+

      • NO! AAPL is down because their growth is slowing and they have no new products to drive growth. They can't keep coming out with a new version of the iPhone and still have growth at the rates which drove the stock to 700. It also appears they simply do not have the passion which Steve Jobs brought to the company. It's done! Apple will continue to survive, as long as they don't start paying out huge "Special" Dividends, as the rumours are suggesting. If that happens, then the company's viability, going forward, will be in question.

      • I'm no fan of AMZN stock or its valuation..... But Cook probably let the stock get out of control to the point where it has effected his product brand.... The negativity for the brand is very bad.... He has the money to have stopped this a long time ago.... there are many many people who have bought lots of aapl stuff, who are appl shareholders....

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