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  • ditzil ditzil Mar 28, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

    I have defended Cook since his elevation but this Chinese thing needs his attention

    There is no way Steve Jobs would let these bullies spread a false accusation and threaten our largest chance to grow revenue and earnings. Jobs would be on the phone explaining to them how Apple will close up shop in China sending a lot of disgruntled workers into the streets if they don't cut the #$%$. If Cook doesn't get some cahones we need to get somebody in charge that does.

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    • This might be just a sign that the "money sharing" between Apple and Chinese Mobile has not be settled yet. Chinese are using their media to have some leverage, a message to Apple, it's China, not US, back off:-)

    • van.miles Mar 29, 2013 1:11 AM Flag

      Tim Cook needs to go on CNBC and have a peace meal with Melissa Lee. This will smooth everything. Otherwise, Apple can forget selling to China if they are going to **screw** them on their products.

    • Wny they have bullied our so called Commander in Chief for over 4 yrs. so why not apple.. how sad this country has become...

    • Cook is a #$%$!

    • The Chinese parties involved only want some "lobbying" money. Apple and other American companies need to push our government to ease up on how Americans do business abroad. It's very certain that their competition are not playing the fame failrly. Why would the Chinese government pick on Apple and not Samsung, a Korean company?

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      • its not that simple. China understands what access to its population means to the world. They don;t give it up unless it is on winning terms. An american company that is perceived as having a disruptive streak is an implied threat. If they think a billion people will own and become loyal to a product, they need confidence that the underlying company will not inspire implicitly or explcitiy a revolution.

        To the contrary, they need assurances that the product will be used to bolster and support the status quo. At a minimum they want to be sure that the product can be used to monitor the activities of the owenrs. Apple has not been willing to give that up yet, but they will.

    • A great group of posts here.... Some very thoughtful responses. What we don't know is the perception is of Tim Cook by the Chinese ( govt and China mobile) . If he is viewed as a strong businessman with a total commitment to Apple, and technology, we will be fine. If he has made a poor impression, the Chinese will work him over pretty good. I wish he never made the statement that China would be their largest market..... Takes away a bit of emotional leverage, and leverage is he name of the game in China. Make no mistake about it, and I have spent considerable time in Mainland China....... They are your friend only to their advantage. Reasonableness, is viewed as a weakness. Tim Cook's positive, and human approach to the Foxcomm situation was positively received by the workers ( as confirmed by an astounding 97% return from Chinese New Year ) and the general population...... But maybe not so by the Govt....... They do not want any outside corp to have any excess leverage or create tougher comparisons to govt supported companies. A tough line to walk..... Being tough ....being good... But not too good.... And never showing more strength than the govt.... This is a communist country........ the Govt rules.

    • I somewhat agree, however, it's communist controled and the people really have no say. The generals following reply makes more sense.

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      • Those who say the people have no say are not watching uprisings all over the Middle East. The Syrian dictatorship family was said to be firmly in control and look what is happening. With social media even in China the people can stage massive revolts. Just look at the backlash on blogs to the gov'ts attacks on aapl. I am not asking aapl to threaten to leave but they need to remind the gov't that they provide a lot of employment to the people and idle hands foments a revolution.

    • uh. china is delicate. jobs jawboning at them would not have been the play. you want to do business in china, you have to play by their rules.

      Here's the play. Kiss their rears. Get into the country. Get your product into the hands of the emerging middle class. Then and only then, once the people are hooked, AAPL could play hardball.

      The only thing that the Chinese gov't truly cares about is maintaining their power through control of the social order.

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