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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Mar 29, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    net abuzz with Anti-Apple pieces in communist china media

    There are lots of stories about how communist china is pushing anti-apple stories.

    BL is that they want to push better (read lower prices for i(dot) phones) terms for carriers
    and also want public to buy communist china made phones.

    I think some of the dumbest clueless fools around are those saying how communist china
    is going to be a growth market for western goods. Hello wake up and smell the 300B trade

    Well let's see if this gets it back down to 430.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • This really shows far too much has been made of China mobile as a future windfall. At best govt will sure those huge markups will not go to apple. At worst they won't let cm have iPhone at all

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      • The phony trading system has been one major con jobs with corrupt communist chinese officals
        and their buddies the failed managers addicted to cost save bonus are laughing all the way to the
        bank. Really only Fried Zucchini on Creatons Nincompoops and Neanderthals is still pushing the
        no let the 3rd world under cut you and you'll have an emerging market propaganda.

        Look at CAT now once the darling of the street on sales there now has to compete with
        illegal subidized communist china made products. Like communist china is really going to
        buy a CAT tractor for one the many projects it has going on in Africa.

        In a couple of years the Nincompoop on CNBC that were only 2 yrs ago saying how the i(dot) phone
        in communist china would be so huge that it would drive the stock price will go well north of $1000
        even though the brain dead designers engineered it not to work on the largest carrier will be talking
        about how communist china device makers had scored a huge hit in communist china and are looking
        to repeat in the developed world. Can you still see why the short case is right?

        Sentiment: Sell

    • yea only in your dreams...Apple...going to zero

95.18-0.32(-0.34%)May 3 4:00 PMEDT